How to Keep a Healthy Pond

How to Keep a Healthy Pond

A pond is a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. It could be decorative, you might grow plants in it or keep fish, and you can even create a pond for swimming in. If you’re thinking about installing a pond, you need to make sure it’s healthy. Or perhaps you already have a pond but you think it could be in better condition. It doesn’t take a lot of work to keep your pond healthy, but you do need to make some smart choices. Set up your pond in the right way and carry out some maintenance tasks and keep your pond looking good.

Choose the Right Plants

Pond plants are great for encouraging wildlife, good for fish, and excellent for helping to keep your pond water healthy too. But you need to choose the right ones if you want to make sure your pond is as healthy as possible. When you’re choosing plants, mix underwater plants, those with floating leaves and plants that emerge from the water too. It’s also good to have plants around the border of your pond, both in the water so they can filter it and outside of the water to help provide shelter for wildlife and fish.

water lily in a pond

Aerate Your Pond

Your pond needs to be aerated to help keep it healthy. Without aeration, it will only exchange gases on the surface of the water. This means that if you want to have fish, you won’t be able to have many without a bit of help. The products at Living Water Aeration should help you to get started with what you need. Choose the right system to circulate air through your pond so it can support more life. The right plants can help to aerate your phone too.

Create the Right Amount of Shade

Shade can also be important for your pond. If there is no shade or your pond is completely in the shade, it might not be as healthy as you want it to be. If there’s too much shade, it could mean that your plant life doesn’t grow fast enough. Trees can be good to create shade, but too many of them could mean that you get a lot of leaves and decaying plant life drifting to the bottom of your pond. Get a good amount of shade but make sure your pond also has some sun to support the life in it.

Be Careful with Chemicals

If you use any chemicals outdoors, be careful to keep them away from your pond, especially if you have fish in it. Even if you spray or pour chemicals away from your pond, they can find their way in there by running off or even getting blown in the wind. It’s even more important to be careful if you only have a small pond because it can be more easily affected and it’s more difficult for a small pond to process the chemicals.

Create a pond maintenance plan to help you take care of your pond. Lots of things can affect its health.

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