How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun But Have A Tanned Body

How To Protect Your Skin From The Sun But Have A Tanned Body

Summer is a great season, but all that sun exposure might leave your skin sore and tender instead of tanned and glowy. Therefore, you might just opt for wearing copious amounts of sunblock to avoid getting burned. However, your responsible concern for your skin might leave you looking pale.

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Worry not; there is definitely a way to both achieve a beautiful tan and protect your skin from the powerful sun. And wouldn’t you know it – the answer lies in a tan you can get in the comfort of your home!

Prepping Your Skin Before Tanning

Okay, so the first step necessary for a beautiful and safe sunkissed-looking skin is to take proper care of your skin. This will provide better tan absorption. To do that, you can follow a simple routine with only a few products that you can find in your local drugstore.


Shower with a soft soap that will not dry out your skin. It’s essential to look out for ingredients like oatmeal, honey, shea butter, and coconut oil. After showering, make sure to exfoliate your legs, arms, stomach, and any other areas you plan to tan to ensure consistent colour.


Now that you’ve dried off, lather your favourite moisturizer on the skin. Since you are going to be in the sun for so long, it would be even better to buy a specialized moisturizer that is meant to be worn pre-tan.


This is the best part of this whole process because after, you not only have smooth skin, but also a beautiful tan! Isn’t that great?

Choosing a Self-Tanning Lotion

Now, there is a lot of stigma surrounding self-tanning, but that depends on the lotion that you choose. Most creams don’t have good absorption, so the end result looks fake instead of dreamy. That doesn’t mean, however, that your tan journey has ended or that you should just give up. It just means that the key to everything is choosing a suitable product.

Attributes of a Good Lotion

The right lotion will have an immediate tanning effect, will be easy to apply and absorb, and will give you a long-lasting and even tan. Not every single tanning lotion will do that for you, but the Hair Jazz self-tanning lotion will provide you with just that. Plus, it has a great colour, and a lasting finish, and will not rub off on your sheets. Not to mention that you get to choose a colour that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Getting the Final Result

All you have to do is prep your skin with a moisturizer, then move on to step two by applying the self-tanning lotion. Then, to enjoy a long-lasting tan, make sure to give each application a chance to develop to reach your desired skin tone.

Hello, Beautiful Tan!

Now that you have achieved your desired skin tone, put on some sunscreen and get ready to show off that tan without worrying about a burn! Bet you can’t wait for summer to arrive!

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