The Best Ways To Entertain Yourself Without Leaving The House

The Best Ways To Entertain Yourself Without Leaving The House

Having spent a good few years as an agoraphobic, I feel like I’m something of an authority on how to entertain yourself without leaving the house.  There are so many things you can do at home to pass the time.  I thought I’d share a few ideas with you to keep you entertained.  Various hobbies, tv shows, games and much more.  Let’s delve in!


TV Shows


On demand TV is so convenient now.  No longer do you have to wait a week for an episode of your favourite show.  You can binge watch whole seasons at a time convenient to you now.  I have Netflix, Amazon Prime and the usual free On Demand channels.  If you have a quick search of my blog, you can see a few of my favourite TV shows that I’ve watched.  To mention a few, there’s been Game Of Thrones, Orange Is The New Black, Orphan Black, more recently, Bridgerton (my favourite!), Heartstoppers, Grace And Frankie and Good Girls.  What have you been enjoying?  Let me know in the comments.




We are an Xbox household (though my teenage son has a gaming pc too) and I have been absolutely addicted to a game called Borderlands and I flew through all of them.  I played online with a friend, which made it a little more sociable.  Another games site that I enjoy is Balloon pop.  I can keep me busy for hours, popping those little balloon and seeing how many I can pop at one time.  Another good game on the same site, is Puzzle Animal Mania.  It’s like a more thoughtful version of the game tetris, at least I infinately prefer it.  I’m also an avid Candy Crusher.



Lu Lovely crochet

I learnt this skill some time ago through watching YouTube tutorials and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.  I’ve crocheted all manner of things since then, such as a dog for my son, a Descendants doll for my daughter, a monkey for my Goddaughter and various different blankets.  It’s really theraputic.



I have a LOT of gardening websites on here and, at times, have very much enjoyed being elbow deep in dirt whilst planting vegetables, growing our own food and generally just pootling about trying to be green fingered.  I once read that being either a landscape gardener or a florist are the two most cheerful prefessions in the World.  I’m not sure that’s true, but there’s definitley good for the soul being in nature.


Board Games

We’re avid board games players in this household.  We have games nights on a regular basis.  We have a few favourites, such as Monopoly (very popular with the teenagers, but also very stressful), Cluedo, lots of different card games (favourites are cheat, jin rummy, cadilac, black jack), Cards Against Humanity (for adults), Gutterhead (also for adults) and Don’t Get Got.  It’s a great way to bond with the family and whiles away the time.


There are so many hobbies that I’ve had, but I think I’d probably fall asleep if I listed them all in a whole paragraph, but they’re things such as spoon wittling, quilting, felting, candle making, making my own beauty products, drawing, jewellery making, screen printing, painting, badge making, decoupage, sewing, photography, knitting, origami.  I’m quite the jack of all trades.  What are your favourite hobbies?  I’d love to know.

I hope this blog post has helped you find some things to do at home.

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