How To Start Living With Less Plastic

How To Start Living With Less Plastic

Living with less plastic is something that can be a challenge, but it is something that we should all be taking steps towards. The reason being is that plastic is one of the most harmful materials to our planet, as it can be harmful to wildlife, and it takes hundreds of years to decompose, if at all. This leaves us with a lot of damage to our environment. There are so many things that we use that are made of plastic, though. If you look around your home there will be so many things. And even if they are the kind of plastic that is recyclable, there are alternatives. 

If you want to start being plastic-free at home, then here are some of the ways that you can minimize how much you use plastic. All it takes is a few small changes.

plastic waste

Identify where you have most plastic in the home

One of the first steps for you to take is to look at where you have most plastic in the home. Is it in the groceries and packaging that you buy, or how about bathroom products like hand soap and shampoo? When you know where the worst culprits are, you can start to look for alternatives. For example, if most of your plastic is in the bathroom products that you use, then you can get things like shampoo bars instead of shampoo bottles, and hand soap from plastic-free brands like Tirtyl. If you find that most of the plastic is in the groceries you buy, then it might be best to rethink where you shop, such as markets for fruit and vegetables that aren’t packaged in plastic. 

Invest in reusable items

In order to avoid waste, especially plastic waste, it is important that you invest in some reusable items. These don’t have to even be expensive, but there will be upfront costs involved. Reusable items that are plastic-free and reduce your plastic waste include:

  • Reusable coffee cup for on-the-go (you can usually get discounts at coffee shops when you take your own)
  • Reusable water bottles are great instead of getting plastic bottles of water. If you get an insulated bottle, then it helps to keep the water cold for a long time too
  • Use beeswax wraps for food items, such as leftovers or for wrapping up sandwiches in packed lunches rather than using cling-film
  • Look for a metal Bento-style lunchbox that you can take to work, in order to reduce how much plastic you use, and it can keep food either warm or cold

Bulk buy for non-perishable goods

Not everything can be bought in bulk, but for the things that can, such as pasta, rice, oats, and nuts, for example, buy them in bulk. This can help as it means you will have to have fewer trips to the shops, but it also means that the amount of plastic that you use will be reduced. If you can find a store where you can refill these items in your own containers, rather than plastic, then that is even better.

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