Introducing The RMS Signature Set – Mod Collection

I’ve been trialling the new RMS Beauty Signature Set. The signature set is a curation of their most popular products into a handy sized palette so they’re all to hand when you need them. The signature set comes in two shade ranges, Mod Collection and Pop Collection. I’ve been using the Mod Collection.

It comes packaged in a white cardboard box and inside the palette is a sleek, white, plastic design containing the products.

The Mod Collection

RMS Palette

The five products in the Mod Collection are as follows:

RMS Signature Collection swatches

Master Mixer

This is a beautiful product that’s multi-use.  It can be worn on your lips, cheeks, eyes or as a highlighter.  Personally, I use this one on my eyes.  It’s a very subtle rose gold colour.


Living Luminizer

This one is the silvery shimmering colour on the swatch on my wrist.  This one is the one I use as a highlighter.

Smile Lip2Cheek

I used this shade on both my lips and my cheeks.  I applied it to the apples of my cheeks and just blended it out with my fingers.  It’s a very pretty coral shade.

Spell Lip2Cheek

I didn’t use this one doing this makeup look but it would be good either on your eyes or your lips.  I think next time I use this palette I’ll mix it up and use this.  It’s a very lovely natural colour.

Simply Cocoa Lip & Skin Balm

This is a great multi-purpose balm.  I applied it over the top of the lip colour to add moisture.  It’s quite a loose consistency so I’m not sure this will last long


The Finished Look

RMS Palette on Lu Lovely


Overall, I’m really happy with the palette.  I’d personally like the balm to be a little harder in consistency so it doesn’t gloop out when you’re using it.  I think the colours in the palette create a really lovely look.  It’s perfect for on the go because I didn’t use any brushes to apply these products, I just used my fingers.

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