Japan Crate – September 2022

I and my teenagers love Japan.  Their culture, their food and would love to visit one day.  For now, we’re sampling some of their delights through the Japan Crate.  It’s their 8th year running so this month’s box is bursting with some of their all-time favourite snacks.  We were really excited to delve in and see what was to offer.

Japan Crate

Japan Crate is a subscription box that allows you to experience the fun & excitement of Japan through candy & snacks!  It includes:

  • a fun variety of 18-20 Japanese candy & snacks
  • a limited edition bag of Japanese Kit Kats
  • a Japan-exclusive drink
  • a monthly bonus item, because who doesn’t like surprises?
  • a themed booklet with product translations & fun facts
  • a taste of Japanese culture to share & enjoy

The September Box

Japan Crate - review

As you can see, you’re completely spoiled with this box.  There really are so many different things to try.  Let me take you through what’s inside.  We haven’t tried everything yet because I wanted to share this review first.  A photo with a load of empty packets in a box doesn’t really have the same impact 🙂

Pie Fruit Coolish

This is a mine Pie Fruit with a vanilla filling that can be enjoyed chilled.

Green Chewing Gum

This is an apple-flavoured chewing gum that turns your tongue green.  I really enjoy apple flavours so I think this will be tasty.

Moomin Cocoa Biscuit

These are cocoa biscuits that are shaped like Moomins.

Watermelon Gummies

Watermelon-flavoured gummies that are chewy on the outside but juicy in the middle.  Delicious!

Shimichoco Salt Vanilla

These star-shaped snacks are flavoured with vanilla, with a pinch of salt.  We shared these last night and they were really tasty.  They tasted like vanilla ice cream.

Funyarich Soft Candy

This one is described as having a mellow grape flavour.  I’m really looking forward to trying this one because I love soft candy.

Dragon Ball Gum

The Dragon Ball packaging on this is really cool.  I can’t tell what flavour it is from the packed but we’ll soon find out!


These are bite-sized chocolate balls that are coated in chocolate and crunchy on the inside.  I’ve heard of these before and have always wanted to try them.  Guess what we’ll be having for dessert in our house tonight.


So this one sounds really unusual and very Japanese.  The flavour and gooeyness are that of a freshly baked sweet potato.  We eat sweet potatoes a lot at home so it’s going to be really interesting to try a sweet potato flavoured snack.

Umee Paper

This candy has real plum in it and is said to have an unmistakable sour flavour.  We like sour flavours so I bet this one is delicious.

Arare Fresh Dressing

Arare is an old-school crispy rice snack, which I love.  These curly ones have a french dressing flavour.  I like the rice snacks and I like french dressing but I can’t imagine the two together so I’ll have to delve into these and see what they’re like and whether the combination works.

Sherbet Perocola

I think I’m going to love these ones.  They’re lollipops with a pack of cola-flavoured sherbet.  We have something similar to these in the UK, but not cola flavoured, and they’re yummy.

Vegetable Sticks

I love vegetable straws that you can get here in the UK but these are different because they’re crackers.  These are flavoured using 11 kinds of vegetables and you can try and guess the flavours.  I’m really excited to try these.

Ume Plum Candy

As I mentioned before, Japanese plums, ume, can be a little sour so these candies are best to be enjoyed slowly.

Mikan Mochi

I love the look of these.  They’re tiny little squares that are mandarin-flavoured.  They’re chewy and delicious.

Cream Soda

I love cream soda so I suspect this is going to be a bit hit in our house.  This one has a refreshing vanilla ice cream flavour.  I’m going to have to share this one with everyone.

Bonus Item – Cookies & Cream Mini Kit Kats

I love Kit Kats and I’ve never had this flavour before.  This is a whole bag of them so there’s enough to share.  I’m really looking forward to trying these.

Price Point

This Japan Crate starts at $45.79 for a 12-month subscription.  Paying monthly, it’s $49.99, which is about £44 at the moment with the current exchange rate.  You get lots in the box so it’s lovely to share with family or friends.  They also so other crates, such as noodles, which is the one I’d like to try next.

If you want to get your own Japan Crate, here is the link again.  I’ll be sharing what we think on my Instagram stories so do make sure you’re following me there.


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