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I’m sure we have mentioned it before, our tween absolutely loves watching videos online and staying in his room for as long as humanly possible playing games on his console. He certainly wouldn’t refuse to go out, in fact, he loves to come out with me. His one true love, however, would be his Xbox. He does love his games.


Expensive Fun

Personally, I don’t think I’m a skinflint, I just think the price of consoles and games are crazy! Once the initial cost of the console has been dislodged from your throat, you then have to buy games. So, what is my point here?


Savings to Write Home About

Recently, I discovered a site called Latest Deals. My first impression was great, another site offering overpriced items whilst claiming great deals.  I am a bit of a sceptic, some might say I am a massive sceptic, I just like to think I’m cautious. Scrolling through Latest Deals, I actually had to eat my words. I could get an Xbox for £45 less than anywhere else! £45, that is the cost of a game! Or is it? My only reservation with buying online has always been customer service and aftersales. Well, anything electrical you purchase comes with the manufacturer’s standard warranty. All the products are brand new and sealed so there really is nothing to worry about.

Saving mney

Continue To Save

You have bought the console and now you need the games. A quick search of Latest Deals and I’m finding games like Tomb Raider which retails at over £40 for £5. Seriously, £5. Why didn’t I know about this site a year ago? So, if you can find top games at £5 you could, in theory, Buy 4 games for the price of 1. Cool dad award coming my way right there. In all seriousness though, with savings like that, it’s surely the right time to start stocking up for Christmas right?


Not Just Fun And Games

Latest Deal doesn’t just give you great offers on games and electronics, they have the best deals for you on everything from books to travel. Something which I found great, they also have categories for vouchers, codes and even freebies! Everyone likes a freebie right?  All the work is done for you, click on the tab and before you know it there is page after page of free samples for you to try. 125 pages to be exact. Fancy a pizza? You guessed it, they even have a Dominos voucher finder. So, if you want to find the best deals, fancy a few freebies, then please do check out Latest Deals.



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