Lovea Certified Organic Face Masks

Lovea Certified Organic Face Masks

If you’re a regular visitor here, you’ll know I’m a big fan of a good face mask.  I love them and I love everything about using them.  I find them a wonderful pampering experience.  I’ve recently been trialling the Lovea Face Masks from Eco Beauty Shop also available from LoveLula.

Lovea is a really affordable French brand that was founded in 1994.  Beginning with a sun care range available in supermarkets, Lovea now boasts a complete range of natural or organic certified cosmetics for the body, face and hair.

Clay masks are great for your skin because they’re so gentle.  Your skin also benefits from their mild exfoliation properties.  It’s really important with clay masks not to let them dry on your skin so they don’t draw all the moisture out and cause irritation.

Green Clay – Cleansing Face Mask

Lovea Green Clay mask

The green colour comes from decomposed plants and iron oxide.  It is a wonderful ingredient, especially if you have oily, combination or acne-prone skin.  The clay pulls the blood towards the surface of your skin, which can give you a mild tingling sensation.  It also absorbs excess oils.  Both myself and LissyLu have been using this face mask.  It’s lovely to apply and goes on feeling very cold and calming.  The pulling effect of the clay left my skin feeling like the pores were tightened and my skin felt thoroughly cleansed.

Pink Clay – Cleansing Face Mask

Pink Clay Cleansing Face Mask

Pink clay is especially good if you have sensitive or dry skin.  It’s rich in silica which can help to improve skin elasticity and cell renewal.  Like the green mask, this one too is a lovely thick consistency which we applied with a brush to our skin.  It also felt cooling and afterwards, my skin felt soft, refreshed and supple.


Coconut Ideal Hydration Fabric Face Mask

Lovea sheet mask

If you haven’t donned a sheet mask and taken a selfie then you haven’t lived!!  Sheet masks are fantastic.  They’re so beautifully hydrating and, if you don’t the mess of a traditional mask, they’re very easy to use with no mess to clean up.

This face mask is certified organic and enriched with coconut water (which is great for your skin, naturally antibacterial and antifungal).  Ready to use and packed full of natural active ingredients.

To use it, you simply unfold the mask and remove the protective white sheet.  Apply the mask to your thoroughly cleansed skin and smooth out any air bubbles. Keep the mask on for 15 minutes (this is so relaxing!).  Remove the facemask and gently massage the remaining product onto your skin (or it suggested you can use cotton wool to remove the excess).  Beautiful.

All three of these products are available from LoveLula here.

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