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Clean eating

I’m a huge fan of clean eating and wholesome living.  It’s something I feel really passionate about.  So much so, that in a few months time I’ll have finished my studies and will be a qualified nutritional therapist.  What you eat changes the way your DNA behaves.  It’s so important to nourish your body.

As a family, we all really enjoy cooking.  In fact, my son (I’m very proud of him) is a now a qualified chef who has just completed his training with River Cottage.  He’s cooked for many famous people and is now working at a very exclusive venue that is in the process of becoming Michelin starred.

During March, I was lucky enough to sample a Mindful Chef box.  It was amazing.  For those of you that want to get healthy but find yourself lacking the skills, time or motivation to get on it then Mindful Chef could be your perfect solution.

The Box

Our box arrived on a Monday.  We had three meals for two people.  Upon opening, the box contained the information about Mindful Chef and the recipe cards for your meals and a very well packaged cool bag containing the meat for the meals.  The rest of the food was packaged in three brown paper bags, each containing the separate ingredients for the three meals with stickers that pertained to the recipe cards included.

mindful chef

The Recipes

Our recipes weren’t ones that I would have picked (which is a good thing!).  I tend to be a creature of habit so I loved that I got to try completely new meals.  With easy to follow instructions and everything, including the spices, portioned out and ready to go, it was very convenient (and cute!!).  All you needed to have in your kitchen was a drop of oil and salt and pepper.  The recipe cards included the nutritional information of what you were eating, even the macros were worked out for you!

clean eating


I think my favourite was probably the stroganoff with the broccoli rice.  Our family tend to eat quite a lot of carbs because, in our day, we were raised to believe we needed carbs in every meal to keep us full.  I’ve had cauliflower “rice” before but I hadn’t ever used broccoli.  I’ll be using this recipe again.

I love the chicken meal too.  I’ve always believed I do not like fruit mixed with savoury food.  Wrong.  The oranges with the chicken went beautifully.  The Piri Piri chicken was really spicy, which I’m okay with.  I loved the quinoa mixed with the rocket.

mindful chef

The Book

mindful chef book

Having enjoyed the food box so much, I’ve since bought clean eating granolathe Mindful Chef Healthy Eating Book.  This morning, I made the crunchy pecan, coconut and chia granola.  It’s so delicious, I’ve had two bowls today.  One for breakfast and one for lunch.  Yep.  Granola day.  My daughter is
planning on cooking something from it for tonight’s dinner.  Lovely ?


I would highly recommend the Mindful Chef boxes.  They’re fantastic value and great for meals you wouldn’t ordinarily try and for great nutrition.  Pop along and check out their website here.

Lu Lovely

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