Meal Planning – A Thing Of The Past

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What’s For Dinner?

That is the question heard every day in our house. Trying to eat a balanced diet, not completely cutting out junk food but having it as an occasional treat. Meal planning can be a real chore!  We tried the online shopping route and that’s great if you have the meals planned, back to square one then.

Recipe Box

We thought this would be a good idea to try, the idea of a box of dinners is a bit strange but it works. We ordered a 3 meal box from My Cook Box. The concept is simple really, THey gather all the fresh ingredients for you, pack them in the box along with the recipe cards and send them to you on a day of your choice. Delivery days are Tuesdays and Saturdays so either way, you can get a box. Pretty cool right?

My cook box

Something For Everyone

Whether you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, they have recipes to suit you. Quick easy to cook recipes that burst with taste. Enchiladas to curry, there will be something to tempt the taste buds. In our box, we had a delicious chicken and feta salad, pork steak with butter beans and roast veg and a really tasty Chicken fillet and risotto type dish.

Easy To Follow Recipe Cards

The cards are very well written, clear, easy to follow instructions guide you all the way from prep to plate. Clear pictures also give you a good idea s to what you should be aiming to achieve.

Does It Match-Up

I think the results speak for themselves, here is a little peek at our Chicken and feta salad with roasted butternut squash. This was a real turn up as I didn’t think I was going to enjoy it but oh my word, what a dish!


I was a little surprised to have two chicken dishes but never the less, they were both delicious! This dish was Chicken fillets on a bed of rice cooked in a spicy tomato sauce, to me it was like a risotto but either way, it was a plate clearer.

Finally, we had the most amazing pork dish I think I have ever had. You chop up and roast some potatoes, add some red onion and pepper, roast until cooked. Meanwhile, make a tomato base and add the butter beans, I was dubious about now…… But it was all good. Fry the pork steak, slice and serve. This was amazing, with so many different flavours.

Value For Money?

If I am Being honest, yes. It works out roughly £2.50 per serving so yes, I think it is incredible value for money. I love the fact delivery is free, I love the fact every week the recipes are different so no planning required. My Cook Box currently have a 40% off offer running so get on over and order a box of delicious. Thanks for reading and if you liked this then why not take a look at this.


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