The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide – Face, Beards & Booze

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide - Face, Beards & Booze

Father’s Day 2018

Who else finds men difficult to buy for?  This year, A Life Of Lovely gift guides are being written by a man, which should make the selection a little easier.  Thanks to MrLovely, here is the first instalment of our three-part guide.  Enjoy!

It Comes But Once A Year

Yes, I know, Christmas and birthdays also come once a year but I’m talking about Fathers Day. Apparently, I am a pain to buy for. I personally think most men are a pain to buy for. Hopefully, my ultimate gift guide will help.



I’m, what shall we say, rugged. You could say, weathered, with that, I don’t tend to use many styling products and so on.  Now summer is here, my Maine has been cut and styled. To keep it looking even close to what the barber had achieved I use Moosehead Grubby Putty and Moosehead Forming Wax. Gone are the days where I would have a super cheap and awful jar of hair gel on the bathroom window. Both the forming wax and the grubby putty come in plastic screw down tins, easily fitting in a pocket or glove box. The Forming Wax has a medium hold and the pleasant aroma of coconut. The Grubby Putty, however, boasts a firm hold, do you remember those sweets in the eighties, Drumsticks? That is the aroma from Grubby Putty.


Beardy Face

If you follow me or my blog, you will know about my recent love of face fur. Bulldog has a complete range of products designed to keep even the scariest looking face-nest at its best. Everything from Beard Shampoos to Stubble Moisturisers. Oh, and the Beard Balm, well, that’s very nice!  Maybe hints are getting dropped regarding the Age Defence Moisturiser though. To be completely honest, I think if you Buy any part of the Bulldog range you know you are buying quality and his face fluff will be in heaven.


Drink Up

As you might be aware, I do an awful lot of homebrewing. Something that has captivated me for years. How about getting him a brewing kit? Everyone thinks brewing is messy, you need hundreds of pounds worth of equipment, its really not the case! a simple bucket with a lid, a beer kit and you are away. I have been given a Real Ale kit by Woodfordes. No sugar needed, just a bucket and a lid. How much fun will that be! To top it all of, he gets to drink the end product.

Of course, there is the option of buying a bottle of something special. Well, how about a beautifully presented bottle of Chalkdown 2014 Fine English Cider. The wonderful Chalkdown is produced in Andover by skilled brewers. Sold in places such as Fortnum & Mason, you know it is of the very best quality and one to be savoured. Coming up in part two, I will talk about some truly awesome books and gift ideas so do, please, read on.




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