My New Katto Knife – A Review

My New Katto Knife - A Review

I’ve been trying out a new knife in the kitchen lately.  I always have a favourite knife but my last one was damaged when I tried chopping raw beeswax (oops).  I’ll be more careful with this one!  I thought I’d share with you my new favourite knife.  This knife was gifted to me, but the words and photos are my own.


Introducing Katto

Katto logo

Katto was founded two years ago by best friends Josh and Thomas.  They believe that making things is a powerful antidote to the pace, noise and chaos of modern life.

Whether it’s a craftsperson making one of our knives, or someone making supper for their friends, Katto exists to help and celebrate people who make things with their hands.

No two knives are the same.  They’re handmade because their being handmade makes them stronger, more balanced and more unique.  They’re made and tested to the same exacting standards; but they also come infused with character, individuality and personality.

The knives are handmade in South London with hand-carved sustainable wood and Japanese steel blades.  Caring for it is simple, you just hand wash it using kitchen soap and dry it using a tea towel (definitely not suitable for popping in the dishwasher!).  It’s recommended that you use a Japanese whetstone to sharpen it.


My Review

Katto chef's knife

All of our family are keen chefs (my son is actually a River Cottage trained chef) so having a good knife is really important and my brother has worked as a chef for many years.  My dad has a crazy collection of knives.  It’s safe to say, we know a quality knife when we see one.  I made a TikTok video of the unboxing of this one because it was so beautifully and thoughtfully packaged.  It even came with a 2p coin because it’s bad luck to give someone a knife without doing so as it’s said to be a symbol of severing ties.

I chose the chef’s knife with the Olivia handle (the dark rosewood look looks beautiful with the hammered design on the blade).  It’s super sharp!  It slices through a tomato without depressing the skin at all, for example.  It’s suitable for everything from light butchery, to carving and vegetable preparation.  I know it’s going to be a very well-loved knife in our kitchen for years to come!

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