Turkey Hotpot The WWFlex Way – 3sp

Weight Watchers Flex turkey hotpot

The Weight Watchers Flex Way

The new and improved Weight Watchers plan has been live now for almost two weeks.  I still am of the opinion that the new changes are fantastic.  You can read my original post about Weight Watchers Flex here.  Our family favourite has been a yummy turkey hotpot this week.


weight watchers flex turkey hotpot

Family Eating

We’ve never been a family that cook separate meals for the children.  We eat together as a family and that’s one.  One meal, one choice.  It’s a like it or lump it household.  The children are allowed to veto one food of their choice and that’s it (oldest daughter detests lasagne and the youngest two don’t like brown rice).  I think the new Weight Watchers Flex makes it so much easier eating together as a family.  The updated food list allows me to make so many family meals without having to weight and measure what I’m eating.


Turkey Hotpot

We’ve really enjoyed this hotpot this week.  I love that turkey breast meat, chicken breast meat and fish and now all zero heroes!

I’m going to share with you how I cooked my hotpot this week.  It works out to just 3sp per serving (based on dividing it into 5, which gives you a rather generous portion) for the potatoes because everything else is zero.  I like to add rosemary to ours because it’s my favourite herb.  Also, you can use a vegetable stock cube if you prefer.


weight watcher flex turkey hotpot recipe


I hope you enjoy this as much as we have.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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