The Alcatel 3L 2019 – The Perfect Christmas Gift

Alcatel 3L

As children get older, I find them increasingly more difficult to buy for.  This year, I’ve nailed the perfect present with an Alcatel 3L.  Budget-friendly, they are priced at less than £150.

The Alcatel 3L – What’s Inside The Box

The phone comes in a box, along with a charging cable, wall plug and earphones.

Alcatel unboxing

The Phone

The phone has a 5.9″ HD+ super full view display.  It’s super light, weighing just 145g.  Here are the specifications:

Alcatel 3L specifications

Visual Quality

My son has spent his time looking through the phone and agrees that it has beautiful graphics and design.  The screen is nice and big, which makes it perfect for watching YouTube videos.  He previously had an iPhone which doesn’t have expandable memory so he was forever having to delete games and photos.  It’s a huge upgrade for him he is loving the design and thinks the shiny texture on the back is cool. It runs very well and does not have any faults to it.


Core Processor

With it being a quad-core processor, it’s lightning-fast compared to his old phone.  He can hardly keep up!  It runs very well with no lag or problems. He likes the layout of the apps and finds it very convenient on how it auto names all the folders that he creates. Being quad-core, it handles any task easily. Seamless integration of apps are what you get with a processor like this.


Battery life

Battery life is a substantial thing for my son because he is on his phone a lot and likes the amount of time he can spend on gaming.  It has a 3500mAh battery which boasts up to 900 hours standby time. The phone charges via an extremely popular micro USB. My son goes through leads like nobody’s business, the micro USB leads are far more affordable and available in most shops. One thing we have noticed, the battery holds up extremely well to constant use.  Some phones battery levels drop erratically from constant use whereas the battery of this phone gradually went down without any sudden drops.



Alcatel 3L camera

The Alcatel comes with an amazing 16mp and 5mp dual rear camera. That is some serious camera quality. If you are a selfie fan, you will love the front-facing 13mp camera. 13 megapixels, on a front-facing camera! The picture above shows just how good the camera quality really is with this phone.


Overall Quality

Overall, the phone is extremely high quality. With its sleek finish, high capacity battery and HD display, this phone punched way above its price tag and sits neatly in the bracket of top-end phones. With its earphones which come in the box and producing top quality sounds and the stylish box itself, Alcatel has managed to produce something incredible! Time will tell as to how durable the phone will be but build quality seems to be amazing.


Keep your eyes peeled for more of our Christmas Gift suggestions coming up in the coming couple of weeks.  Thanks for reading.



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