National Handwriting Day 2018

National Handwriting Day 2018

The 23rd of January is National Handwriting Day

When was the last time you put pen to paper?  Did you just scribble a word on a shopping list?  Was it to leave a note to a loved one?  Was it a simple scrawl of your signature?

In this digital age, we depend so heavily on technology.  Most of us send e-mails to communicate whereas a few decades ago we’d have written letters by hand.  When was the last time you received a handwritten letter?

The practice of handwriting shouldn’t fall short because of the rise of typing, it’s still such an important art – especially for children growing through and entering the education system.



Handwriting Benefits

It’s reported that writing in cursive helps to make connections that transfer to the brain to help you remember information.

Handwriting is an artistic gesture.  It’s a personal part of our self-image and an expression of our personality just like the way in which we dress or style our hair.  Our handwriting is as unique as our fingerprints.

Not sure what my handwriting says about me!  I write in print.  I’d love to write in cursive and it is a skill I’ll practise in the future because it’s so beautiful.


Get Your Squiggle On!

It really doesn’t matter if you write in print or cursive but have a go.  Put pen to paper.  There’s nothing quite like seeing a notebook full of scribbles.  Why not write a letter or start a bullet journey or write a diary?

Personally, I have a rather large stationery addiction.  I know Becky will appreciate this post, being a fellow stationery addict.  Have a look at my recent favourite things.


Prelogram produces some of the most beautiful notebooks I have ever seen.  The packaging alone made my heart want to weep with joy!

personalised notebook packaging


As most companies abandoned analogue print in favour of digital, Prelogram were making moves to buck the trend. We took types, matrices and typesetting machinery from the scrapheap and put them on the centre stage.

In 2011, Prelogram relocated to a converted factory in West Yorkshire and began carving out a niche. The factory now houses a uniquely ancient and modern print operation that includes state-of-the-art technology alongside the world’s largest surviving collection of hot metal typesetting machines.

Fast forward and Prelogram are still producing quality personalisation, bringing analogue products to a digital world.

personalised Prelogram notebook

personalised stationary notebook

As a hardcore notebook addict, these personalised notebooks made me throw my hat down in awe.  I’m currently making all my blog related note in the copper coloured one.  It’s just so very gorgeous!!  My daughter has a keen eye on the blue one, which is also stunning.  They’re beautiful quality.  I have the lined ones.  They have an index at the front and all the pages are numbered.

They’re ideal for personal use or as corporate gifts (I’d love to work with a company that gives these beauties out as gifts!).  They’re available in ruled, dotted or plain and a huge range of colours.

These notebooks have both been featuring rather heavily on my Instagram stories lately.

I’ve discovered this lovely small business called  They have one of those websites you could lose hours on.  They have a rather pleasing stationery range, from notebooks to greeting cards and all sorts in between (they have some awesome badges!  I just saw one that reads, “Be Nice Or Go Away”.  The perfect sentiment!).  I’ll share with you the notebooks I have from their range.  They’re beautiful, vibrant and good quality. notebooks

When launched it was our hope that we could create a one-stop shop for sweatshop-free goods and cruelty free beauty products. Co-founder Raquel made it her mission to bring design-led fairly made products to the masses, promoting strong ethics and independent brands who are striving to make a positive impact on the planet. We also offer a range of personalised gift ideas, making gifting easy. Whether it’s sustainable fashion, organic cotton, vegan leather shoes or cruelty free skincare, we hope that you enjoy browsing our marketplace and learning more about our wonderful brands. We work hard to help you Shop Well and Shop Fair.

It really is a one-stop shop for the ethically conscious.  I urge you to pay them a visit and support a small business.



STABILO cartridge pen, easy pens, left handed pen

STABILO is committed to keeping penmanship alive and with their range of products, there is something to suit everyone, whatever writing style; children and adults alike.

LillyLu and Oli have the STABILO EASYoriginal which are ideal for those beginning to write with ink or improving the quality of their handwriting.  They love their “banana” pens.

MrLovely is a lefty and has the STABILO SMARTball 2.0.  It’s an ergonomic (he has the lefty one, which makes writing much more comfortable for him!) ballpoint pen with touchscreen function that is also refillable.  Mine is the green one in the photo.  It’s my new favourite pen.  It writes so beautifully.  I love that it’s a cartridge pen too.  All of the ones above are cartridge pens.


If you do anything this week, why not crack out a pen and a shiny new notebook and start making your mark?

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

Disclosure: I was sent the stationery for my consideration.  This doesn’t affect my opinion.
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