Out With The Old and In With The New: Ways to Modernise Your Home’s Interior


Out With The Old and In With The New: Ways to Modernise Your Home’s Interior

From finding an alternative to net curtains, minimalist decor to statement pieces and a muted colour palette, modern home design is one of the biggest interior design trends at this current moment. Modernising your home’s look and feel is a great way to add a contemporary touch to your property.

Enjoy Modern Living by Getting Rid of Net Curtains.

Window film is an excellent alternative to net curtains as it gives your home more privacy without a reduction in the natural light coming in. The windows will look exactly as they did before the film was fitted, just minus the old-fashioned curtain. It adds daytime privacy, a clear view from inside, and makes your windows look clean, modern, and minimalist. Another added feature is glare reduction, which protects furniture from fading. 

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Minimise the Accessories.

Getting rid of excess clutter and only focusing on decor that adds to the home’s overall aesthetic is so important. Rather than displaying a cohort of trinkets on shelves or on coffee tables, choosing a few statement pieces such as candles that work with the home’s colour scheme creates a fantastic ambience. Design Bundles can be used to make custom art or interior design including prints, wall art and customised soft furnishings, amongst other things.

Go Natural.


To achieve a modern look, organic materials are a great and daring choice. Installing dark wood cabinets, exposed brick walls, and bamboo flooring can instantly transform your home for that industrial, chic look. 


Glass and contemporary home fixtures go hand in hand; there’s no need to bring in glass furniture – unless you want to. However, glass can open up living and bathroom areas and add a touch of natural light. Replacing shower curtains or patterned screens with a clean show screen gives your bathroom a modern touch, or installing glass walls with panels to separate the living and dining area creates space as well as a semi-open plan style. 

Give the Kitchen a Facelift.

The kitchen is typically the centrepiece of the home; however, a brand new one can cost thousands of pounds, so why not go for simple, superficial tweaks? Replacing cabinet handles, repainting units, and replacing fascias can make previously old spaces look fresh and clean. 

Upgrade your Lighting.

Clever lighting can transform and modernise the home. Going from a dingy space and turning it warm and cosy and making it appear larger. Considered lighting choices can also add aesthetic appeal; it could be a statement lamp above a kitchen island, hidden spotlights, table lamps for those tiny corners. It can create character and modernise every room in moments.

Refresh the Walls.

Paint and wallpaper are the most effective tools at your disposal, and it is crucial to think about colour schemes. Darker shades can make a room smaller or poky, so opting for paler and lighter hues is ideal if you want to make your home appear larger. With wallpapers, it’s wise to avoid busy, bright patterns or consider just papering one wall to maximum effect, leaving the others plain.

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