Preparing Your Puppy For Their First Time Without You

Bringing home your puppy is a lovely time in your life. Sure, they’re not house trained yet and they keep you up at least 4 nights a week, but you wouldn’t be without the little furry bundle of joy! However, sometimes you’re going to have to leave your puppy for a little while, and even overnight from time to time, which is something you need to prepare for. 

Helping your puppy to be comfortable during this period is of top priority; they need to feel secure and safe, even when you’re not around! So with that in mind, here are some tips for helping your puppy settle into spending time alone, and making sure any separation anxiety is short lived. 

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Have Plenty of Distractions Ready

If you want your dog to stay calm when left alone, you need to make alone time fun! So get their favourite toy out, fill up a puzzle feeder, make sure their favourite blanket is out for them to lay on, and make sure their water bowl has been recently filled. All in all, make sure plenty of distractions are available to keep your dog focused and they’re far less likely to pine for you whilst you’re not around. 

Consider Crate Training

Crate training has plenty of benefits for dogs of all sizes. Most of all, dogs can be left home alone inside a crate with absolutely no worry; they’re contained in a comfortable area, they won’t make a mess, and they’re far less likely to accidentally get out. If you have trouble crate training, you ought to seek advice from someone such as a Dog Trainer Southampton way, or a dog trainer wherever you are based. 

All you need is a crate that fits your puppy, a blanket or mat to lay on (preferably one they can’t chew on), a small water bowl, a little treat to snack on, and even an old t-shirt of yours that has your scent on. If the crate feels comfortable and smells like home, your dog is far more likely to associate it with a nice, secure place to be. 

Know Your Kennel Options

If the worst comes to worst, you can always put your dog into a local kennel. Spending a day or two in a Dog day care centre will be a good experience for your puppy; it can help them to socialise with other dogs, get used to other humans, and simply be looked after whilst you spend some time away from them. 

Not only that, but even if you’re able to leave your dog alone for a while without overnight needs, you can still check them into a daycare centre just to help them get used to being ‘on their own’. You’re not there, and that’s a good way to simulate this distance without abandoning them completely. So whether a friend runs a pet sitting business or you’ve got a day kennel near you, just consider it a bit of good practice! 

Your puppy can adjust to being alone in no time! Just make sure they’re somewhere safe, and have something fun to do whilst you’re gone.

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