The Ultimate Fathers Day Gift Guide The Finale

The Ultimate Father's Day Gift Guide (The Finale

Well Done

That’s right if you have made it this far, well done. Now is the time where I will write about what in my opinion is the top drawer of gifts for Fathers Day.


No, I’m not suggesting you send him to a livery yard for some intensive equine lessons. I’m talking about Jockey, the awesome clothing brand. Something that has never really lost its trend is the polo shirt. Jockey has kept the styling crisp and Simple. The two-tone styling is very in right now. The thickness and quality of the stitching on these polo shirts really are fantastic.


Why not Buy him a pair of pyjamas? I’m no oldie baldie but even I like a good pair of pyjamas. I like mine in the autumn and winter, perfect for lounging around in. I have even taken the children to school one morning wearing my pyjamas. I’m not sure that is a good thing mind you and I felt very uncomfortable about it after. Being Jockey, the quality is exceptional and the stitching is uniform and tight. So, yes, why not buy him a good old pair of pyjamas.


Japanese Movement

When it comes to watches, there is a very big argument about what movement is best, what strap is best. I can’t even get my head around how many options are available right now. For me, it has to be a Casio. You really do have the best of both worlds, a Japanese movement, Japanese components all assembled in China. In short, you get world-class technology assembled by some of the greatest technicians in the world. My watch is the 5373. It has the rubberised strap, Chronograph, Date number/day. It also has the all-important Japanese movement.  Oh, did I mention it is water resistant to 100 metres? If you want to buy a watch for him, or you want to buy the same watch as me, then go to They have a huge assortment of high quality and very competitively priced stylish men’s watches.



Ok, it might seem a strange one, but, With my new get fit regime and wanting to run a half marathon next year This seemed perfect to me. Osprey has made the Trillium Duffell 45l. This multi-function Duffell can be filled with sports gear, towels, shower gels and more.  Being a Duffell, you can wear it in many fashions. Has the Duffell ever really been out of fashion? Something I truly dislike the fact that previously My towel would be dumped in a carrier bag and thrown in the car. Actually, I found a bottle of shower gel in one of my cars from probably a year previous.  A good bag is everything, whether its a gym bag or a simple bag for the swimming gear.



Award Winning datAshur Personal² USB Flash Drive from iStorage

datAshur flash drive

This fantastic device is available from the award-winning iStorage brand, who make PIN operated USB flash and hard drives with built-in hardware encryption.  The drive is the datAshur Personal²USB flash drive which you can carry around all of your data safe in the knowledge it’s safe and no one can steal it and pinch your property be it your family photos or super secret work business.  The datAshur is dust and water resistant to IP57 rating and crush resistant.  They prove to be very resilient and extremely hard wearing.  These can be personalised to make them even more special.  You can purchase one of these from the iStorage website.


I hope this has been some help in finding the perfect gifts for Fathers Day. I for one am very much looking forward to Fathers Day. This year could well be the best yet!


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