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Pure Pet Food

Life With A Fussy Eater

Bubba Gump is a fussy eater.  We’ve discussed it with our vets on many occasions.  She’s perfectly healthy and a perfect weight for her breed but she can be a nuisance to feed.  She’d much prefer to dine on human food and has a labrador tummy to anything that has come from our plates, however, not kibble.  If she is fed kibble (which she is), she sneaks towards our working spaniel’s food which is cheaper, lower quality dog food (she’s MrLovely’s spaniel and our opinions on dog food are very different).

I won’t feed Bubba Gump anything other than high-quality food.  She doesn’t need rubbish filled with grains or floor scrapings.  She’s far too valuable to me to not take extra special care of her.  One might go as far to say I’m precious about Bubba Gump.  Well, I am and I’m not sorry.  That dog has saved my life on several occasions.  Bubba Gump has other ideas.  She’s a pain to feed.  I’ve written about this a couple of times before.

Pure pet food

Pure Pet Food

I was super surprised when the box containing the Pure Pet Food was delivered.  It was very little, weighing just 500g.  This 500g box, however, makes up 2kg of fresh food once it’s been rehydrated.  That’s pretty impressive.


Freeze Dried

I’d never heard of freeze-dried dog food before but thought it was a really interesting concept.  This is what Pure say:

Our freeze dry technology allows for the preservation of meat with zero exposure to high temperature and pressure, retaining a real meat texture with zero preservatives.

Freeze dried recipes are the easiest way to give your dog the goodness of a raw food diet without the prep, and with no need to store in a freezer.

Just add water and serve!

Pure Pet food

The packaging is thoughtful, they include a little scoop and a bag tie to keep the food sealed.

The Fussy Dog Taste Test



Being the dog of a photography hobbyist (this does not mean I have good photography skills, might I add!) and a blogger, I often ask Bubba Gump to sit nicely whilst I ponce around with my camera.  She’s beautifully patient.

freeze dried dog food

I put the food down and asked her to wait whilst I photographed her from many angles until I got a shot I was happy with.  Once allowed to eat the food, she did not stand on ceremony!  Pure Pet Food passes the taste test from Bubba Gump.  She absolutely loves the food and wolfs it down within minutes.


Pure Pet Food


The Cost

Pure do produce a very high quality, clean eating dog food and my dog really enjoyed it.  To feed my dog Brilliant Beef (which is the sample that Gump tested) it would cost around £2.85/day which works out to £19.95 per week.  For me, it’s too expensive an option.  My budget for dog food, per month, is around £30 per month.  This one works out to around £80.

pure pet food cost

girl eating dog food


Pure Pet Food is made with human grade food which means it’s safe for us to eat.  It would be a pretty economical way to feed your children.  It’s definitely something worth considering.


Thank you to Pure Pet Food for the trial sample for Bubba Gump and I to review (mostly Bubba Gump, I only licked the spoon).  I’d recommend this dog food if you can afford it.  I’d feed Gump it if I made lots of lots of money.

Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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