Weight Watchers Flex – What You Need To Know

I’ve been a fan of Weight Watchers for a few years now.  This week has marked the launch of Weight Watchers Flex.  I’m really excited by the new plan and have put together this post and I hope this helps anyone who has any questions about it.


Weight Watchers Successful SmartPoints Plan Just Got Even Better!

With Weight Watchers Flex the list of zero pointed food just grew to over 200.  This gives you freedom from weighing, measuring and counting!  The zero heroes now include skinless chicken & turkey breast meat, eggs, beans, pulses, zero fat natural yoghurts.  Peas and sweetcorn join in all our other zero pointed fruit and vegetables too.


flex no count food



Your daily allowance has been adjusted to fit in the new zero pointed foods.  These are tailored personally to you in the same way as your weeklies.  The daily points can range from 23 (being the minimum) right up to in their fifties and more.  You can use the new zero point foods as a base for all your meals ensuring they’ll all low in points, thus enabling you to have more treats or save them for that night out you’re hoping to go on or even if you’re just caught out unexpectedly.  If you’ve run out of points, you can still make a healthy and nutritious meal using all the zero heroes.  Yay!

Flex – It’s A Roll Over

Every day, you can “roll over” up to 4sp to your weekly points to give you more freedom at a weekend or whenever you need them!  It has been the most successful plan Weight Watchers have ever had in clinical trials, #theflexeffect

The base weekly allowance hasn’t changed which are calculated by Weight Watchers according to your age, sex, weight and height.


WWFlex meal ideasMeal Planning

It’s not always possible to plan your meals.  Always be prepared for the unexpected!  With the new WWFlex, if you go over your dailies and weekly points, you can roll over to account for that.

In my opinion, meal planning has never been easier.  I am loving the new WWFlex approach!  I think it’s really easy to eat healthier and cater for the whole family at the same time.



Eating Out & Shopping

Weight Watchers have “backed out” the point values to accommodate the new additions to the zero heroes.  So now, your favourite chicken dish or egg mayonnaise sandwich from the local shop is now lower in points.  Just check out their amazing app to find out the points in a flash!


Meal Ideas!

no count soup

Meals I’ve been really enjoying lately are breakfast cake, which is bananas, egg and oats cooked in the microwave for three minutes.  Poached eggs, scrambled eggs, I love eggs!  Soups – any vegetables we have in the house get baked in the oven and blitzed into a soup.  Chicken!  We’ve been having chicken breasts in curries, roasted, baked with herbs and spices and in stir-fries.  Also, turkey mince – I feel like people don’t use this as often as they should.  I love turkey and one of our family meals in a turkey meatloaf.  It’s delicious the next day in sandwiches too.

weight watchers breakfast cake


If you’re following the new WWFlex, I’d love to hear what foods you’re also enjoying.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Sherrin Wilson

    Hi. I have been on the smartpoints programme for a few months now and really like it. The system has now changed and we have not been told anything about it or what foods are on it or anything. I like to preplan my meals but for now WW has taken that option away from me. Is there a list that is available to members now that can be viewed?

    1. I’m not sure. I’m nothing to do with weight watchers in that I’m a member. I wanted to write this to help other people. I’m sure there must be a list available online somewhere.

  2. says: Marian O'Sullivan

    Would love to try this but how do you find out how many points you are allowed to start withxx please.

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