Reaching Your Bliss With… A Candle

Reaching Your Bliss With... A Candle

I had no intention of dedicating an entire blog post to just one candle, but this one is worthy.  This isn’t an advert, I’m writing this because I adore the product.  It’s pure luxury!  I’ve developed a real taste for natural candles this winter.  Soy wax, vegetable wax, the natural smells – I’m loving them!  This one is a candle with a twist.


massaging with candle

My Debate

Okay, so this candle comes with, what I consider to be, a pretty high price tag at £39.95.  It wasn’t that I was just browsing my favourite green beauty site and bought an expensive candle on a whim.  No, no, no.  I’ve had my eye on it for weeks.  I’ve been asking around to see if anyone else had tried it, alas the answer was no.

I’m happy to pay more for a natural candle because they’re a treat.  They’re ethical, sustainable, non-toxic, they burn for longer than petroleum candles and are a pleasure to have to burn away during chilly evenings.


massage candle

The Arrival

As is normal with LoveLula, my order arrived a couple of days after I’d placed it.  My coveted candle came in a little black box.  Little.  I thought it was going to be rather larger than the box indicated.  I gently opened the box to find my beloved candle nestled inside the box, carefully wrapped in black tissue paper with a gold initialled sticker.  Very classy.  Once I’ve carefully peeled off the packaging, my heart sank.  The candle was, as I first thought, quite small.  228ml.  I’ve been buying candles that come in 145g which I assumed was smaller (grammes and millilitres, Lu, you nugget – they are totally different measurements!).

Two Minds

So, given the size, I was in two minds about keeping it.  I did consider sending it back, but curiosity got the better of me.  I’d already bought it.  I really wanted it.  It smelt amazing!!!  The little ceramic container is very beautiful, with its little spout  I didn’t want to part with it so I bit the bullet and fired it up that evening.  That blissful, heavenly smelling evening.

Lay thine eyes upon the beauty below.  Who wouldn’t covet a candle this beautiful??

Christopher Courtney candle

Christopher Courtney London Far Eastern Luxury Spa Massage Candle

Escape to a paradise island in the far east with this divine spa massage candle which would provide hydration for the skin. This product is packed with exotic ingredients to rejuvenate, soften and smooth the skin, leaving it supple and silky soft.

This is NO ORDINARY candle!

The ingredients list explains the price.  Each ingredient is so well thought out and chosen to nourish and indulge your skin.  It’s made with rich oils and butters and fragranced with a blend of essential oils designed to be comforting, uplifting, relaxing.  To see the full ingredient list, they’re listed here.

The Bliss

Who doesn’t love a good massage?  Who isn’t a fan of ending up feeling all oily and slippery?  This is where this luxurious little delight of a candle come into its own.  It works like this; Light the candle and allow it to burn for around 15 minutes.  Pour the melted wax directly onto the skin (it won’t burn because the ingredients used has a lower melting point than your cheapy wax).  Oh my days…  It’s warm and smells incredible, absorbs into the skin beautifully yet still allows your skin to remain lubricated enough for hands to glide over the skin with ease.






So, not only does this candle fill the room with the incredible smell that my words will never adequately describe, it also is the perfect moisturiser for any body part and leaves your skin with a lasting feeling of being soft and smelling blissful.

I’m glad I bought this candle and I don’t at all regret shelling out almost £40 for it.  It’s extremely luxurious so it’s a real treat when it comes out.  I think it would make a pretty decadent Christmas gift for a loved one with a suggestion of a date night in.  After all, who knows where a loving massage might lead?


To buy your own Christian Courtney candle, pop along to the LoveLula website.  They have a range of luxurious massage candles.  Thanks for reading.

Lu Lovely

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