How To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

I’ve had three children.  I’ve never done my pelvic floor muscle exercises despite being reminded after each birth.  I have no filter so I will be telling you too much information in this post.  If you err on the side of prudish, possibly stop reading now.

Women’s intimate health brand Intimina is encouraging every woman to make a change to improve their health through a commitment to Kegel exercises. In a  recent survey conducted by Intimina, the surprising disparity was discovered between how strong women believe their pelvic floor to be and the reality, as more than half admit to ‘sometimes or never’ doing Kegel exercises.

Almost every third woman will suffer from incontinence, low vaginal tightness or postpartum vaginal weakness at some stage of her life – all of which are caused by a weakened pelvic floor – and the medical community’s claim that Kegel exercises are the best solution for these issues has also become common knowledge. The survey also found that those who regularly practice Kegels do it for a wide range of reasons: to improve their sexual health, as a part of post-birth recovery and to fight incontinence.


I Laughed So Much I Peed Myself

I’m now in my late 30s.  At the weekend, I pushed a piece of furniture and a bit of wee came out.  This is a slippery slope.  It is time to start paying attention to doing my pelvic floor muscles.  I don’t want to end up like one of those women who’s vagina resembles waving a chipolata in the channel tunnel.


A No Name Friend’s Experience

I have a friend who is in the autumnal years of her life and feels like winter is fast approaching in terms of her vagina.  She recently visited the doctor because her vagina had started to fall out (I believe the medical term is a prolapse).  The doctor’s recommendation was for her to up her game with regards to her pelvic floor exercises.



With women more aware of the wide range of benefits to Kegel exercises, Intimina have risen to meet these wide demands, with both products like Laselle that uses simple weighted balls to improve the efficacy of a routine for experts, and KegelSmart.


Kegel exercisers


KegelSmart is like having a personal trainer for your pelvic floor. It takes all the effort out of Kegel exercising by choosing the right routine for you and then guiding you every step of the way. With its touch-sensor technology, KegelSmart registers your pelvic floor strength then automatically sets the exercise level according to your needs.
There are 5 progressive levels, from very weak to very strong, each with an appropriate exercise routine. KegelSmart coaches you through the exercise with gentle vibrations.




How The KegelSmart Device Works

You turn on the device and insert it just inside the vagina with the string outside.  It will automatically start after 30 seconds.  You will feel three quick vibrations which indicate the start of the exercise.  Each time you feel the vibration you contract your muscles and rest when the vibration stops.  Continue through the exercise programme which takes around five minutes.

The device signals the completion of the exercise by three quick vibrations.  It then automatically switches itself off.

The following day, when you turn it on, the LED will tell you the strength your pelvic floor muscles are working at.


The Results

My friend started at a weak level 1 indicated by one flash from the LED and it now at a nutcracking level 5!  After raving about how amazing the KegelSmart device was, I was really envious I’d given it away.  I now have one for myself and my pelvic floor muscles are pretty impressive.  Very chuffed.

The research is clear when it comes to the benefit of daily Kegel exercises; the benefits are various and rapid. And, with training products like the KegelSmart bead, which takes the guesswork out of proper pelvic floor strengthening, it’s never been easier for women to make a change and take control of their intimate health.

Intimina is available at Planet Organic in-store and online at, and

Thank you so much to Intima for the Kegel exercisers.  They’ve really helped my No Named friend.

Lu Lovely

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  1. says: Nadia

    Such a great read and sounds like a good device. I’ve started doing exercises and I’m seeing a difference. Might need to give this a try.

  2. This post is absolutely fabulous.
    A little bit giggle worthy with how you word some bits & the stories but so interesting too.

    I now really want one! I want a nut cracking nuun!!!

  3. says: Amina

    This is fantastic advice. I have never heard of these devices before. We are trying to get pregnant and have our first baby, and this is something that I have been terrified of. It’s never too late to start this right? Thanks for this great article!

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