Redecorating The Bedroom – Making It Neutral

Intense Colours

We redecorated our bedroom less than two years ago and I remember MrLovely saying at the time, I’d better like it because the colours I’d chosen would be hard to cover up.  The walls are deep purples and bright deep yellows.  It has a very ethnic, bohemian feel to it.  I love that.  I think our furnishings will remain.  There are just something things that need to change.

Guess what?  I want to go back to neutral coloured walls.  It’s not that I don’t love the colours the walls currently are, it’s just as we’re renting, the carpet isn’t something we can easily change.  The carpets are so, so ugly and I feel like I’m never going to be happy with our bedroom whilst I can still see them.


My Plans

I’d like to go back to neutral coloured walls, take all the furniture out and put down a massive rug!  Cover up as much of that ugly carpet as I can.  It really is that bad.  I’ve seen a gorgeous grey shaggy rug from Dunelm that would be perfect.

grey shaggy rug

For starters, our bed is absolutely huge., picture a ginormous leather frame and that’s what we have  We need a smaller one so we’ve found a smaller, metal framed bed from here – I’ve seen some great dog beds on here too actually.  Might encourage Bubba Gump to stay out of the bed.

Another reason for changing the wall colour is so I have a larger space to take photos.  I love taking photos for my blog and for Instagram, but there’s only so much space in my office.


Sneak In More Plants

I’d love to incorporate more plants into our bedroom.  I dearly hope MrLovely doesn’t read this post because I bought a couple (okay, seven.  I bought seven) more plants today and he was really unimpressed.  I’m aware I have an addiction, but it’s a very healthy addiction.  I think at the last count, the children counted we have around sixty houseplants.  As far as I’m concerned, we’re doing the World a favour.  All that lovely clean air being produced by our house (you’re welcome).  We currently have seven plants in our room.  We need around fifteen, I think.  That’s a lovely healthy number.  If it doesn’t look like an indoor jungle, it isn’t right.  They just make me feel happy.


With the long weekend upon us, I think this weekend is the perfect time to crack on.  I’ll let you know how to goes.  Check out my stories on Instagram for updates.  For more home related posts, see here.  Thanks for reading.

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