So Sona Skincare Review

So Sona Skincare Review

I’ve recently discovered a lovely small brand called So Sona and I want to introduce them to you.  I was kindly gifted a couple of products, which I’ll tell you more about.

So Sona

Endless amounts of experimentation with skincare led Sona to establish a brand that not only reflected her personal journey with psoriasis but also the creation of an all natural formula. Sona finally found her winning recipe, however she wanted to share this with others to help them feel confident and be true to their skin.

The owner of the brand, Sona, had tried many luxury brands to try and help her psoriasis but nothing was helping as they were made using chemical ingredients, which I know, just irritate the skin and harm the planet.  The brand was born just over a year ago and Sona’s skin looks beautiful, as you can see on her Instagram channel (here).  I love following So Sona on Instagram, their account is fascinating with behind-the-scenes footage and stunning reels.

So Sona products

Dusk Body Butter

This body butter comes in a frosted glass jar with a plastic lid, nestled inside a cardboard box.  Made with beautiful ingredients, such as Aloe Vera Butter, Prickly Pear Seed Oil and Activated Charcoal.  It has the So Sona signature whirl and opening it was an absolute delight.  This body butter has antioxidant ingredients that help prevent skin damage from sunlight, ageing, and other stressors.  Also containing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Patchouli which have high levels of antibacterial properties that are known to cleanse the skin and stop acne breakouts.  It smells beautiful.  I’ve been using it for a week or so now and my skin feels amazing.  Really nourished and soft.

Evergreen Exfoliating Soap

I love an exfoliating soap bar and I could smell this one as soon as I opened my So Sona parcel.  It comes packaged in a cardboard box and has a beautiful fragrance that comes from the essential oils they use in it.  This bar of soap also comes on a rope so you can hang it in your shower to use when you’re in there and it dries between uses so it none gets wasted.

  • WSLES, SLS and Paraben Free
  • Suitable for eczema and psoriasis-prone skin
  • Vegan, cruelty-free and ethically made
  • Made in small batches with a unique blend of high-quality natural ingredients

I’ve seen Sona stamp the logo onto the bars on her Instagram feed so you can see it’s a lovely small batch made with special touches.  This is a very gentle exfoliating bar, it’s not at all harsh on the skin.  I’m really enjoying using it.

So, if you have problem skin, or just fancy a luxurious treat for yourself, I really recommend giving this brand a try.  Everything is really reasonably priced and their products are gorgeous.  Thanks for reading 🙂


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