Spring Bucket List For Better Mental Health

The beginning of the year isn’t always the nicest time. The festive season has been and gone, it’s cold, dark and a little miserable. Most of us are recovering financially from Christmas and attempting to get our health back on track after a month of indulgence, and two weeks into January it already feels like we’ve been back to the daily grind just about forever. While we’re still a way off moving into spring, we do have it approaching and it’s something to plan for and look forward to. From a mental health perspective, spring is a great time as getting outdoors more, more daylight and more opportunities to socialise and do fun things can help to keep everything in check. If you’re struggling on this cold, dark winter day, here are some of the things you can do as spring approaches to get your mind in the right place.

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Spring clean

Deep cleaning and organising is a fantastic way to improve your mental health. Getting rid of clutter and mess that’s accumulated can feel really freeing, it makes room in your home and your life for the things that you love and stops you from drowning in a sea of items you no longer need. As well as cleaning your home, consider spring cleaning your desk at work, your car, your handbag- all areas that tend to become cluttered and messy. You’ll feel much more productive and lighter moving forward. If all this seems a little much for you, there are companies such as Modern Maids, a house cleaning Atlanta company, that can help give your home a thorough spring clean, freeing you up to concentrate on other areas.

Eat outdoors more often

Eating alfresco is such a treat when the weather improves. You could pack up a picnic and meet with friends at the park, or take some lunch in a backpack and enjoy it during a nature hike. You could just sit in your back garden under your alfresco blinds and enjoy your evening meal or light the barbeque if the weather is warm enough.

Switch up your exercise routine

Even if you’re a regular exerciser, chances are you’ve spent the colder months working out indoors either at the gym, at home or in other indoor sports settings. Clearer, warmer days means it’s possible to get outside more and move your body while taking in some fresh air. You could go biking, walking or running outside. If you play a sport regularly you could hit the outdoor courts or pitches. If you’ve not exercised in a while, the start of the better weather could give you the boost you need to really get started with it all. 

Say yes to more opportunities

There’s generally more going on when the weather is warmer. Everyone comes out of hibernation and wants to go outdoors, do things and meet with friends. From casual catch-ups to days out, holidays and more, say yes to more opportunities and start making memories again!

What are you most looking forward to this spring?

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