Take Your Hairdressing Career Out of the Salon

As a hairdresser, giving your clients the opportunity to leave feeling transformed is probably one of the most rewarding parts of your job. Whether you are based in a small salon or you are a stylist for a big-name brand, you have worked hard to get to where you are right now and take pride in creating stunning styles. However, if you want to take your years of hairdressing experience out of the salon and you are looking for some inspiration for where you can go next, take a look at these inspired ideas. You might just find the next stop on your career path here.

Fashion, Darling!

The world of fashion is dazzling. From the buzz of the shows to the vibrant photo shoots, this is an ever-evolving world that hair styling is perfectly suited to. If you want to flex your creative skills, this is an industry that allows you to go all-out. Whether you long to work with big names or you have always wanted to style hair for the runway, there are plenty of opportunities for hair stylists in the world of fashion.

Cruising Along

Why not combine your passion for creating beautiful hair with seeing the world? If you have good sea legs, becoming a stylist on board a cruise ship could be a fantastic option. This allows you to pamper guests while getting to enjoy the benefits of cruise life. This seasonal work is a refreshing change to salon-based hair styling and allows you to use your skills on an array of clients.

Romantic Weddings

wedding hair
Weddings are so special. If you want to use your skills to create perfect hair for brides and their bridesmaids, then becoming a hair stylist for bridal parties is a rewarding job. As well as being creative, you get to make the wife-to-be feel beautiful on her day.
Unlike salon work, this is a process that can involve months of planning and conversations. You can invite her in for practice runs and have conversations with her to really make sure that no hair is out of place. Having the right products in your kit – like these from Capital Hair and Beauty – can really help the bride to envisage how her hair will look.

And… Action!

Film and TV sets are packed with big names and extras, meaning you can really get creative on a range of people. Getting the hair right can help to evoke the time and place in which the production is set. So, you can add victory rolls for a wartime drama, add some wigs for a period piece, or go all-out on the backcombing if you are styling a horror film.
If you build your portfolio, you could swap and change between long-running TV series or film franchises. Should you want to stay somewhere long-lasting, you could aim for styling breakfast TV presenters or news anchors. There are plenty of opportunities in this industry.

Where do you think you will take your styling skills next? Have any of these ideas inspired you? You can read more of my lifestyle posts here.

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