School Runs, Insurance And Dash Cams

The Daily Ritual

Those of you who have children will know the pains of the daily school run. First of all, you fight the children to get them dressed and get breakfast in them. You get them strapped in the car, get halfway to school just to be told “I forgot my gym kit” The pressure is now on to go home, find the elusive gym kit and get back to school without being late.

Formula 1

We live in a small town and it sometimes feels like a formula 1 race track at school time. Young mums darting here there and everywhere, all rushing to get the space closest the entrance. Imagine whacky races, it’s honestly like that. I’m there a little like Muttley, chuckling away at some of the drivers trying to squeeze into the blatant space that’s a mile too small. Here is where you are grateful for the car insurance. The company I would recommend would be AVIVA. A well-established company, offering uninsured driver cover, vehicle recovery and much more including the awesome AVIVA driving app.


Driving Safe

With all the fun of the school run, Something that I find great is the Aviva driving app. This is quite clever really, it monitors your driving style and saves it, giving you a rating which can lower your car insurance! Yep, an app that can actually lower your premium! The app is very easy to set up and to be honest, I actually enjoy the app, its a great way of showing how you can improve your driving style, I know you have already passed a driving test and you don’t need to be taught to suck eggs but this is a great way to fine-tune your driving skills and save money at the same time!


Save The World

We live at least a mile and a half from the school and so it is impractical to make the children walk and expect them to get there on time. Certainly whilst they were at primary school, they are now in secondary school and can walk  ( love not having to drive them ) But, by using the driving app you optimise the driving style, that in turn will increase fuel efficiency meaning fewer emissions. Bonus.

What’s In The App

The app host all these fab features.

Dash Cam, providing independent video evidence in case of a claim.


You could save on your insurance once you have driven 200 miles.

Automatic Collision Detection. The app is smart enough to detect collisions! The dash cam saves 30 seconds before and after impact to capture full footage of incidents.


Auto Tracking. Using the phones GPS the app automatically tracks your journeys to measure your score.

All this in one simple, free app.

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Wayne B

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