The Best Gift Ideas To Give Someone Who Lives Off-Grid

The Best Gift Ideas To Give Someone Who Lives Off-Grid

Whether you’re far or close by this holiday season, it’s never too late to find a present for someone. If you have a friend or family member who lives off-grid, consider this list of the best gift ideas to give them this year. No one off-grid can live without one of these insanely great gift ideas.

Get Them a Solar Generator

How could someone living off-grid have power if they’re not connected to the primary power grid? With a solar generator, of course! Give the gift that keeps on supplying electricity—and keeping the environment clean—year-round!

There are many benefits to having a portable solar generator, including that it’s quiet and doesn’t take up a lot of space. The solar generator works by collecting energy from the sun—it’s clean and better for the environment, and it helps save on energy costs!

Side note: we can’t forget to mention that it even has a storage bank, so a person living off-grid can use it during power outages or have extra power at night. Who knows, you might buy yourself one for travel purposes.

Help Them Stay Organized and Live Well

If your favorite off-gridder has chickens, consider gifting them chicken balm to use for their chickens’ feet to prevent leg sores. Your family member or friend might also have a huge garden, so consider giving them plenty of gathering baskets to help carry everything to and from their house.

Also, we know off-grid living requires some traveling into town, so give the gift of hauling groceries with a gorilla cart. Gorilla carts are a lot like Costco carts, except some come with removable sides, and you can keep them.

Give the Gift of Communication

Keeping close contact with family while living off-grid can be hard, but you don’t need to intercept that connection anytime soon. Give your favorite off-gridder a GPS-GMRS radio system. This system lets you send radio signals and text messages between each unit to stay in touch. Don’t forget to buy yourself one!

Help Them Stay Warm at Night

Living in a remote area can sometimes experience temperamental weather, and the conditions aren’t too friendly. Help keep everyone living far from civilization warm by giving wool socks and a cotton blanket. These items keep everyone warm and safe during those frigid nights.

It could be hard buying something for someone living off-grid, but we want to help eliminate that struggle by providing everyone with a list of the best gift ideas to give someone who lives off-grid. Start wrapping your presents now and keep your off-grid friend or family member guessing what you got them this holiday season.

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