Can You Give Dogs Real Bones To Chew On?

Can You Give Dogs Real Bones To Chew On?

People love spending the holidays with loved ones and family members, including the pets. After enjoying a delicious meal, it can be tempting to let your dog chew on the bones of a turkey or spiral ham, but should you? Discover what the experts say about giving your dog real bones to chew on.

The Benefits of Dogs Chewing Bones

One of the things people like about giving dogs bones is that they help fight gum disease. When your dog chews on things, it’s sort of like brushing their teeth. Instead of chewing on your furniture, they’ll be tearing into tasty, nutritious leftovers. Plus, it makes a cute photo opportunity!

The Dangers of Real Animal Bones

Unfortunately, it’s not so cute when your dog injures themselves on an animal bone. Bird bones (like a turkey) are hollow and can easily break into tiny pieces. Even a ham bone can become a hazard if your dog gets too rough with it. Bone shards can break off in your dog’s mouth, making it possible to choke or injure themselves. If they manage to swallow any pieces, the shards can do internal damage.

Does Cooked or Raw Matter?

Both cooked and raw animal bones can cause problems for your dog. Cooked animal bones from your meals typically come with juices, sauces, and spices that are not healthy for your furry friend. Raw bones, on the other hand, can carry bacteria and other pathogens that are also dangerous.

The Verdict: No Real Bones

The stakes of letting your dog chew on a real bone are too high for us to safely recommend the practice. If you’re trying to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy, it’s probably a better idea to acclimate them to teeth brushing using special hygiene products for dogs.

If you’re just looking for a cute holiday photo of your pup, we recommend giving them a doggie biscuit or rawhide bone to chew on. Don’t forget to take them to a professional dog groomer the day before! If you keep the human food on the table and stick to dog treats for your pup, you can help all your family members relax and enjoy time together.

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