Why You Should Never Drink Unfiltered Water

Why You Should Never Drink Unfiltered Water

Water comes from natural sources, and with certain processes, it’s possible to clean and bottle it so that it can go almost anywhere in the world. As water runs free over and under the surface of the Earth, it carries elements like minerals that are unsafe for humans to drink.

Waste and water contamination is an issue that affects everyone, especially because pollutants travel quickly and can alter large bodies of water. The reasons why you should never drink unfiltered water could save you from various illnesses and more.

Dangerous Minerals

Water comes from different sources, mostly from melting ice that travels through mountains and into rivers that industries process for cleaning. The toxic minerals in water include arsenic, copper, and lead, which could severely damage your health and create short and long-term problems. Before drinking water, learn where it comes from to ensure your wellness. This is especially true if it’s not bottled.

Countries still developing politically, environmentally, and socially tend to have more problems finding viable solutions for drinkable water. If you travel to a foreign country, drink bottled water, ask locals where the best sources are, and take medicine if you feel ill.

Water Pollutants

During and after America’s industrial revolutions, big companies and businesses would dump dangerous chemicals and waste into bodies of water without remorse. These processes damaged water sources that we are still trying to clean with safe processes and filtration. Some chemicals and waste contain bacteria that take a long time to eliminate and could damage your health.

You could come in contact with various bacteria that make you sick, from drinking water to swimming in contaminated water. E-coli in lakes is a common cause of sickness, and all it takes is coming in contact with contaminated water and accidentally consuming it to fall ill.

Filtering Process

To filter any dangerous elements from water, it goes through rigorous and long processes that take away most of its beneficial properties and minerals. The resulting water is not immediately harmful, but hard water could still cause the development of problems like kidney stones if consumed in large quantities.

Water plants make it simple to process and bottle water. Then, bottled water companies ship their products to different locations for people to enjoy. You should never drink unfiltered water unless you know that the water is fresh, clean, and sourced away from large cities.

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