The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide Reading & Fixing

Father's Day Reading & Fixing

Following on from part one of the Ultimate Father’s Day gift guide, we have yet more delights to share with you.

Gifts Galore

So far we have mentioned the great gift ideas like Real Ale kits, Ciders and male grooming products. Should I stop there? No, There are such a wealth of fantastic fathers day gifts available it would be wrong of me to not give you the full lowdown.

Buy A Book

No, seriously, I’m not saying buy a romantic novel, well, not unless that’s his thing? Over the last few years, a trend has developed regarding producing comical books designed around last generation fiction and non-fiction books.  A perfect example of this and, to be honest, my favourite, being a Star Trek fan I give you, Star Trek The Next Generation Cats! Yes, you guessed it, its an all cat cast. Just Priceless.

Perhaps Man Vs Child takes your fancy? This book again is incredibly funny, it truly will have him giggling like a child within the first couple of pages. This is one of those books that once you have read it, you find yourself going back to it time and time again. This book is sure to be a winner for years to come.  It certainly belongs in The Ultimate Father’s Day guide.

Man Vs Child

My next choice is one that I think will just become more and more popular as time goes on.  50 Things About My Father. I wonder just how many children can name 50 things about their dad? I know I could name 50 things about my dad, could you? All these fantastic books are on sale now at Abrams and Chronicle.

50 things

Pocket Kits And Novelties

I have to be honest here and admit, I love a good man gadget. I always carry a pocket knife, (its a country thing) This knife gets used as a can opener, a screwdriver, a lever you name it. Goodbye pocket knife, hello Toolset. This great little set comprises of a mini screwdriver set, a set of Allen keys, even a spirit level! This is one awesome little pocket kit.

tool kit

Let us now cast our minds back to march, cold winds, snow and ice. What I wouldn’t have given to have this crafty little hip flask then. Shaped and designed to look like a Jerry can, this little hip flask will fit in any pocket. Remember, you don’t have to put spirits in there, a good spiced apple drink will warm you just as nicely.


This actually leads on nicely from the flask. Let us assume you had filled it with spirits the day before. You may well wake up with a hangover? so, why not buy a great little Modern Man Ice Pack to soothe that sore head? If I’m honest, the ice bag would be equally as helpful when the children are being a little stressful. Where  We live, today it has been crazy hot. What better way to get the temperature down than with a cooling ice bag.

Ice bag

A Basket of Treats

No dad can resist a basket filled with their favorite alcohol and treats. They love their cold beer and beef jerky, especially after a long tiring day. Create a customized gift basket for dad, including his favorite brews, some delicious snacks, and personalized beer gear for a fun, mouthwatering treat.


I hope you have enjoyed part two? I hope it has given you some more ideas as to what you could buy? These gift ideas are just the greatest in my opinion. As a dad, I would love to receive any of these gifts. Please continue to read as coming up is The Ultimate Father’s Day The grand finale.



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