Building A Greener Home: The Jobs You Might Forget

Building A Greener Home: The Jobs You Might Forget

Going green is a priority shared by millions of homeowners. As such, double glazing, solar roof panels, and energy-saving toilets are all common features of the modern property. However, there are several other jobs that are forgotten by those seeing an eco-friendly existence. Now is the time to finally take control of those matters once and for all. Building a greener home isn’t as hard as you might think.


Here are five simple tasks that will take green living at home to new heights.   


Utilising The Garden   


Before worrying too much about what’s inside the four walls, think about the outside spaces. Renovating the garden can work wonders. Whether it’s growing fruit and veg or using a bird feeder, simple additions can have a huge impact. Meanwhile, simply spending more time in the garden means that you spend less time using electrical goods inside. Above all else, the switch will improve your physical and mental health while encouraging families to be closer.


Improving the Greenery


If you want to create a green home, that same mentality should stretch to your outdoor space too. Having more trees and healthier trees on your land brings about genuine environmental benefits. You can work with a company like Arbtech to have a tree survey carried out, and then you can begin the process of landscaping your garden space and planting new trees.


Help The Boiler


The boiler is responsible for a lot of your energy usage. While choosing an efficient combi boiler will help, you should also think about regular maintenance. Aside from aiding the efficiency, it is a key responsibility from a safety perspective. Covering the radiator pipes and your water tank with foam covering will make it easier for the system to heat water too. In turn, this will speed up the heating times while reducing the energy usage in one fell swoop.


Turning Items Off


Often in life, the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference. Learning to turn electrical goods off at night will significantly reduce the amount of electrical waste. Leaving the TV on standby, for example, is wasting energy and harming the planet. On a similar note, making the switch to LED lighting in every room will significantly aid your cause. Do not forget it.


Fixing Faults


It is very easy to get caught up in the routine of making new additions. In most situations, rectifying the damage being caused by existing items is far more important. If you have a leak, roof plumbers can restore the home to boost the eco-friendly nature of the property. Moreover, it’ll protect the building as well as the people that live inside. Leaks of any kind should be fixed ASAP while drafts and sources of lost energy must be treated too. Get it right, and your home will become greener.


Take The DIY Approach


Nobody will suggest that you stop using the washing machine. However, hanging clothes out to dry when it’s possible rather than using the drier will help. Likewise, you don’t need to use machinery for all cleaning and household maintenance jobs. Taking care of those tasks yourself, with natural ingredients, will bring instant improvements that are built to last. If you’re worried about it taking a little longer, try to think of it as a mini workout. You’ll feel far more positive about it.


A green home is a happy home, but the small jobs are as important as the big ones. Keep this in mind at all times, and you won’t go far wrong.

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