Thoughtful and Practical Gift Ideas for Your Guy Friends

Thoughtful and Practical Gift Ideas for Your Guy Friends

It can be challenging to find gifts for male friends. Most stores have a kiosk of men’s gifts that contains beer-scented soap or more whiskey decanters than anybody would know what to do with. These aren’t necessarily bad presents, but they may not seem like the most thoughtful or practical gift ideas for your guy friends. When you want to find something a little more exciting than a gift card to their favorite fast-food place, here are a few things to consider.

Smartphone Magnifier

Almost everybody uses their phones to watch videos. Two of the most common problems are needing to hold the phone up the entire time and how small the screen is. Fortunately, a screen magnifier lets you prop up your phone and has a lens to make everything seem bigger. Lying in bed and watching a movie or a YouTube video on your phone has never been easier or more convenient.

Grooming Kit

Every guy has different grooming routines. Some men use mousse, while others use hair gel. Some of your guy friends may like to style their facial hair, while others remain clean-shaven. Every guy has different essential products in his grooming kit, but learning about their hygiene habits can help a lot. Instead of getting a generic bathroom pack from the department store, find a specialized beard oil or body wash; he’ll certainly appreciate it.

Specialized Mug

The great thing about mugs is that everybody can use one, and they have mugs for anything and everything. You can find a mug based on your friend’s favorite sports team, movie franchise, TV show, band, or zodiac sign if that’s what they’re into. If you know there’s something your friend loves, and you can’t find a mug featuring it, you can reach out to a company that creates custom mugs and send them the design. Everyone can use a new coffee mug, making it a thoughtful and practical gift to get your guy friends. To make this gift even more appealing, you can fill it with special coffee beans or their favorite candy before giving it to them.

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