Tips and Tricks for Hard-To-Open Home Windows

Tips and Tricks for Hard-To-Open Home Windows

One of the most beautiful things about winter fading away and spring rolling in is the luxury of opening your home’s windows and inviting some crisp air. But what do you do when the window you chose fights back and protests? Luckily, there are a few tips and tricks for those hard-to-open home windows you can try to bring you some relief.

Consider Cleaning the Frames

Cleaning the frames isn’t usually at the top of the to-do list, but it’s a part of living in a house and can help the windows drastically. We often open and close the windows as the weather permits. As a result, wind-blown dust and dirt become stuck in the frames, sills, and hinges. With enough time, this creates a hard-to-open window and is downright annoying.

If you don’t see any blatantly obvious signs of structural damage, integrity issues, warping, or anything else causing the issue, consider giving the frames a good cleaning. Use a mild detergent and a glass-safe cleaning agent and wipe away any buildup and debris. You may want to start with dusting or vacuuming before introducing water-based solutions.

Use a Material-Safe Lubricant

After cleaning the windows, consider using a material-safe lubricant inside the framework. Applying these solutions on a clean surface offers the best chance of a positive outcome and can highlight whether the lubricant is satisfactory or the windows need more intense care.

The lubricant must be safe for your home’s window materials. Wood, vinyl, wood-clad, and aluminum all require slightly different care to maintain their integrity. Be mindful of your lubricant selection, and ensure it’s compatible with your window’s materials. After lubricating the frame, liberally open and close the window a few times to help the lubricant work its way through the window’s components.

Focus on the Hinges and Screws

Like the framework, the hinges and screws may need lubrication. Apply a metal-safe lubricant, commonly WD40, to the hinges and screws, and be sure to wipe away any excess. You may need to combine this step with the framework lubricant to ensure each component receives enough care. If your hinges and screws match the materials in the frame, use the same material-safe lubricant to ensure structural integrity.

Call the Professionals

After completing all the tips and tricks and receiving no luck with your hard-to-open home windows, you may need to call your local professional window company to perform an evaluation. These individuals are highly skilled in knowing what to look for with home windows.

Commonly, operator issues and malfunctioning mechanisms are some of the first signs that window frames need replacing. The professionals can work with you to uncover the windows’ age and find a feasible solution for your family.

Don’t let those stubborn windows keep you from enjoying that warm air. The fight to open it might be a sign it needs a little TLC. When all else fails, professionals can fix anything.

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