Tips for Preventing Acne Breakouts This Winter

Tips for Preventing Acne Breakouts This Winter

Winter is nearly here, and between the steadily dropping temperatures and impending snow, there’s a lot to prepare for. Believe it or not, one such thing to be aware of is how these weather changes will impact the health of your skin. Acne breakouts are particularly common during this time of year, and many individuals find themselves struggling to keep them at bay. Fortunately, there are things you can do to reduce your risk and help you maintain a clear and healthy complexion from the inside out. Here are some crucial tips for preventing acne breakouts this winter.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

As temperatures lower, so does the amount of humidity in the air. This can remove moisture from your skin cells and leave your skin dry. When this happens, your skin compensates by producing more oil, or sebum, which can clog your pores. As such, breakouts are much more common and severe.

You can prevent this vicious cycle by keeping your skin as hydrated as possible with the right moisturizers. Use cream-based, cleanly made products that penetrate deep into your skin for long-lasting relief.

Maintain Your Exercise Routine

Sticking with your exercise routine can also be a great help. While it might not be immediately apparent, sweating helps your skin release toxins that can hinder your skin health. It also supplies your body with more oxygen, which is helpful for maintaining strong and resilient cells. Just make sure that you wash up immediately following your workouts. Letting sweat sit on the skin can clog pores and cause acne.

Avoid Touching Your Face

Additionally, you’ll want to break the habit of touching your face. Though it might seem like a harmless enough action, it leaves a large number of bacteria and dirt particles on your face. All these materials contribute to painful and inflamed acne should they sit on your skin long enough. So avoiding this action is one of the best ways to preserve your skin throughout the winter.

Take Lukewarm Showers

Another important tip for preventing acne breakouts this winter is to turn down the temperature of your showers or baths. As mentioned earlier, dryness can wreak havoc on your skin and make it more susceptible to developing acne. Hot water is one of the most common causes of skin dryness as it saps your cells of essential hydration. Because of this, make sure that you take lukewarm showers rather than hot ones. This will help you better retain some natural skin moisture and reduce your risk of increased sebum creation.

Receive Specialized Treatment

If you’re especially concerned about the health of your skin during the winter, visiting a local med spa can do wonders. These facilities provide many acne treatments that are great for giving your skin the boost it needs to withstand the weather. They’re also the perfect chance to treat yourself to a much-needed self-care day.

Breakouts are never fun, and they’re especially brutal during the winter months. Using these tips can help you fight back against the weather and ensure you have beautiful, vibrant skin that you can take pride in.

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