Bedroom Lighting For Your Child’s Room

Bedroom lighting for your child’s room

You may think that choosing the lighting for a child’s bedroom is as simple as picking lighting for anywhere else in the home when in fact there are a few extra things you may need to consider. So, instead of having to brainstorm them all, here are some tips and consideration for choosing a child’s bedroom lighting.

Make lighting fun

Children are drawn to anything that has a pop of colour, so choose their favourite colour and get them excited about their new lighting too!  There are some wonderfully innovative ideas for lighting these days, for example, look at this neon astronaut sign.  How fun would that be in a bedroom?

make lighting fun

How lighting can help you

Lighting is a massive part of our routines. It informs us when to get up and when to go to sleep and for children who are still learning when those times are, sometimes a little help can go a long way.

This is where dimmer switches come in. Creating a morning and evening mood can help your child recognise the times of the day and whether it is time to play or go to sleep. Dimming the lights in your child’s bedroom can help ease them into a sense of relaxation, which in turn should send them off to a sound sleep. Once asleep, the lights can be turned off completely and you have the rest of the evening to yourself – sounds good right?

Planning is key

Before you do anything, think about where your new lighting will go. Is it a lamp or a ceiling light? Where will the switches go? Is it going to reflect off from a mirror if it positioned in a certain area of your child’s bedroom? Think about where your new lighting will be best placed so it can make parts of the day such as playtime/bedtime easier.

Safety first

Lastly, always ensure your lights are safety checked and made of a safe material. Your child’s space needs to be fun and safe so opt for material which are not breakable if dropped, in the case of choosing lamps and ensure you get regular electrical safety checks too.

Choose a lighting scheme that does more

In the modern-day lighting can do so much more than just illuminate a room. Choose coloured light bulbs for your child’s bedroom and add dimmable light switches for the perfect balance of fun and function.

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