Turning Your Shed Into An Office

Turning Your Shed Into An Office

The last few years have seen a massive surge in the number of people working from home. Some were forced to stay home and out of the office – others have been working on a small business and made the leap to make it their full-time occupation. 

When you work from home, one of the most important things is that you have a space to complete your work. 

The issue for many is that their homes are filled with children, pets and other distractions – as lovely as they are, they can cause you to be less productive with your working hours. 

So if you have a little shed, you can make like some of the greatest writers and turn it into a working space to rival even the most modern office spaces. 

So how do you turn your shed into the office of your dreams? 

keyboard, desk set up

The big clean

If you aren’t buying a new shed to turn it into an office, then the shed you currently have will need to have a significant cleanout. 

Check for pests that might be living under the floorboards and in the roof, too – they’re going to need an eviction notice so that you can enjoy your new space. 

Once you have completed the cleanout, you can move on to the next steps. 


With an empty space, it is now time for you to plan where you want to put everything in the office. Do you want your chair to be facing a window so that you can get the most amount of light? 

Or would you prefer to face the door? 

Think about the size of the desk or worktop that you can fit and where you might enjoy working. 

You can go wild with this bit and create something unique. 

Stripping and installation

Unless you are a professional electrician, you might find the next bit a bit tricky. Consider how much natural light you get and your working hours. 

The old lighting and electrical sockets might not be the best. Instead, you can have anything old stripped out and add new electrics and lighting. 

Think about how many sockets you will need – and where possible, ensure that the old cables are recycled by a professional with a cable stripper – this makes sure all the parts are disposed of correctly. 


Since you will be storing your working equipment, it is good to fit a variety of security features like locks, a camera, and motion sensor light deterrents. 

Cameras that alert your mobile phone when someone or something is nearby can give you peace of mind. 


Try to keep your decoration as light as possible. Lighter paint on the walls will help to ensure no matter how big or small the shed is, you always feel there is a lot of room. 

If this will also be where you might speak with clients, on Zoom or in-person then factor in extra chairs – and what the background looks like. 

If you are still in the planning phase of your home business, check this post: 4 Steps For Working Online at Home. 

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