How to Make Your Home a Haven for Mental Wellbeing

The home is an essential aspect of our lives and identity. In some ways, a home can be an extension of our personality and some people really put this to the test. It is important to remember that the home can also really affect how we think and feel. Because we spend so much time in our homes, the subtle things that we see and experience in it every day can profoundly affect us. From making us feel more depressed to making us few inspired. When thinking about making a home that induces a better sense of wellbeing, there are several things to consider:


Think About Colour

Colour has a profound effect on our thoughts and emotions—much more than you may realize. Certain colors induce specific emotions and you can actually use this to your advantage. When it comes to your home, it would help if you understood the effects of each colour so you could paint a room in a colour to match the mood you want it to create. This is also true of the shade of that color. An electric blue will have a very different effect to a pastel blue, which is far more relaxing. If you want a room for calm, you need light, cool colours such as blue, green, and purple to help you create this effect.

Maximize Natural Light

Do not underestimate the importance of natural light when it comes to enhancing mood. The more you have of it, the better you will feel. Natural light is actually a great way to boost your mood as it increases serotonin (the happiness hormone) levels in the brain. So it has a chemical effect. There are many ways you can increase light into the home, such as opening the curtains all the way or juggling furniture about to maximize the light coming in. you could also add a skylight visit this website for more information on that. You may even need to replace windows as yours are cloudy now.

Create Space  

If you have a small, cluttered home, starting a decluttering process may be an idea. Try and remove anything that doe not need to be there. Start small and work your way upwards to pieces of furniture you never use or are likely to use. The more space you have, the more you will be able to breathe mentally. Having more space is essential to a healthy mind, as it will literally feel as if a weight has been lifted. If your home is particularly small, there are some tricks you can implement to make it appear larger. Why not add some mirrors, or lighten up the walls to add more depth. Think about clever storage, such as seats that double up as storage space or by using attractive baskets. If your home has a lot of small decorative pieces, swap them for larger pieces. Small objects make a space look cluttered. You could also add rugs to help define spaces, such as creating a divide between a multipurpose room. 

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