Two Rooms, Two Ways To Increase The Value In Your Home

Two Rooms, Two Ways To Increase The Value In Your Home

When it comes to our homes, we might always be looking at ways that we can improve them. Especially if you plan on staying there for some time or you have ideas to sell the property and make some money. The truth is though, you can paint the walls, make rooms look presentable, but you need to make some big changes to add the most profit. Two rooms that you can do that to would be the kitchen and the bathroom.

These are the two rooms in your home that people look at when they are wanting to buy the place. They also happen to be fairly expensive to makeover completely, but it could be considered worth it to do it. But while you may be wondering what you could do to your bathroom or your kitchen, I thought I would offer up some advice on some of the things you could do to yours. Hopefully giving you the confidence and the physical opportunity to make more money on your home.


A bathroom is one of the rooms in your home that can add some considerable value to your home. It is one of the most well-used rooms in your home, and if you only have the one, then it is even more important to make it functional and well-presented. Here are some of the ways I think you can do it.

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Invest In A New Bathroom Suite

One of the first things you could consider doing would be to replace the bathroom suite entirely. By far the most expensive option, but of course it could give you the biggest return, especially if your bathroom hasn’t been updated for many years. A quick look online at something more unique like Drench’s range of floating vanity units could be the ideal way to add some unusual looks to your bathroom. You could even consider adding a separate shower unit so that you can go all out with your bathtub. Depending on your space, moving things around a little could make better use of it. But make sure you get a professional to do any of the bigger works to protect yourself.

If You Can’t Replace Why Not Improve It

If you can’t afford to replace your bathroom suite then you could find ways of improving it. It might be that you just change one aspect of it, or look at ways to add a feature such as changing the flooring. Sometimes just doing one change in a room can make a big difference and as floors and walls cover big surface areas this could do the job. You could consider tiling or even adding a pop of colour if you wish. Websites like Pinterest are full of ideas.

Lighting Can Make A Big Difference

Finally, you might want to consider changing the lighting if you want to improve the way your bathroom looks. Adding spotlights and brighter bulbs could make a bathroom area appear brighter and cleaner. You could also add a dimmer switch so that you have the chance to relax and unwind in the bathroom.

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One of the other big-ticket rooms in your home happens to be the kitchen, and that is because it can be seen at the Center point and headquarters of your home. So much can happen in your kitchen from cooking up meals, children doing or homework, or generally spending a moment to chat about your day. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you could make some changes to this room.

Replace The Kitchen

One of the first and most obvious choices would be to replace your whole kitchen. This again, just like the bathroom, is probably the nasty expensive option, but it could give you the biggest returns. A new kitchen could enable you to redesign cupboard space and storage and make the kitchen more user-friendly. It could also enable you to add an area to eat, integrate appliances like fridges or washing machines, and even add space-saving solutions for other items in your kitchen. It would definitely add the most value.

Make Improvements If You Can’t Replace It

Not everyone has the budget to replace their kitchen entirely, so instead, you could look at other ways to add the improvements. Perhaps changing the cupboard doors only will give you a quicker fix. Or maybe even painting them a brighter colour to add more light into the space.

Change The Colour

On the subject of colour, you could consider changing the walls to add a different feel to your kitchen. The wall colour could make a big difference, depending on whether you choose a light or a dark shade. You could even add some accessories to the walls in terms of pictures or art to add a new dynamic. Colour changes can be more subtle, such as changing the colour them in your kitchen for appliances and accessories that are out on display. Even though it might be subtle, it could make a big difference to your kitchen.

Think About Making It The Hub Of The Home

It is important to remember exactly what a kitchen is used for in the home. While it has a functional use, it is also a space to congregate. Be that as a couple, a family, or even when you invite people over food or drinks. A kitchen is the hub of the home, so no matter what you do, big or small, you need to make it a warm and inviting environment to be in.

Lighting And Flooring Could Be Big Features

Finally, the lighting and flooring in your kitchen could be big features to change that could make a big difference to how your kitchen appears. Flooring especially could make an older kitchen feel brand new. Adding things like tiles or even a wooden flooring to make it feel shiny and new. Lighting can be big, so you may want to consider spotlights to really enhance the light in the space. Kitchens can be quite dark at times, so it may be worth it to incorporate as much light as possible, natural and false.

I hope that this has given you some ideas on how you can improve the two big earning rooms in your home. Please note, this is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

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