You Need To Know This Before Putting Your House On The Market

You Need To Know This Before Putting Your House On The Market

The time has come. You’ve thought about it long and hard, and you’re ready to move home. Your current living situation doesn’t suit anymore. You’re squashed, stretched, or plain unhappy. Whatever the reason, the deliberations are over. You’re now secure in the knowledge that it’s time to move forward.

Congratulations. You’ve made one of the most difficult decisions any homeowner could face. But, before you crack out the bubbly, note that the hard work doesn’t end there. Before you can put your house on the market, there are a few things you should know. After all, the more knowledgeable you are, the better chance you have of proceeding with ease. Forget trusting what the estate agents tell you. Instead, do your own research. Most importantly, make sure you know the following things.

The Obstacles In Your Way

Unless you’re blessed with a perfect home, there are likely a few issues you need to sort before getting the best price for your home. It’s essential you know about these before you consider getting anyone in to value your home. After all, a valuation will take home repairs and maintenance issues into account. So, not paying attention to these could leave you out of pocket. To make sure that doesn’t happen, take the time to recognise your obstacles. Then, you can make efforts to take care of them before the big guns arrive. Detective work in this area can also help you develop a time frame. Once you know what you need to do, you’ll have a rough idea of how long it’ll be until you can put your home on the market.

How Much Will You Get?

It can also help to know how much you’ll get once you do put your house on the market. This can help you budget for those repairs, and also give you some idea of the price range for your next home. You can get an idea of this before valuation by researching properties already on the market. While this isn’t an exact science, you should be able to guess a rough estimate from research like this. And, that can help with the repairs. Then, you can call an agent in or head to a website like Flying Homes which to gain a more accurate valuation. And, that’s the price at which your property will likely go on the market.

How Long Will You Wait?

It’s also worth doing a little research into how long you’re likely to wait until your house sales. Again, this is not an exact science. Some houses fly off the shelves while others remain for a year or more. But, again, studying the market can help you judge how fast things are moving. You may also want to ask the opinion of any agents you work with. While not crucial, a time frame can help you know whether to browse the housing market straight away or not. And, that can help you step into your new life as seamlessly as possible.

If you’re moving home, I wish you luck.  Please note, this is a collaborated post.  Thanks for reading.

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