Tyre Maintenance Before You Head Out

Tyre Maintenance Before You Head Out

As regular readers will know, I have a whopping great, big transit van called Ivy.  I’ve recently had to shell out for a new tyre for her and wanted to talk to you about tyre maintenance and why it’s so important.  Our van is a converted camper and we do a lot of miles in her.  Last weekend, for example, our son took the van to Reading Festival.  This is around a 400 miles round trip for the van.  I didn’t want him doing that with a tyre that was beginning to perish!

The Importance Of Tyre Maintenance

Maintaining the tyres for your vehicle is essential for both driver and passenger safety.

The Tread

For example, the tread on a tyre must be at least 1.6mm.  Baring in mind, that the only part of your car that comes into contact with the road surface is the tyre and it’s a size smaller than the palm of your hand, this really is essential.  If your tyres are below the minimum tread depth, your stopping distance is increased ten-fold.  Performing an emergency stop in the winter/wet weather with bald tyres is liken to trying to stop on ice!

tyre tread


Checking For Damage

Not only must be mindful of the tread on the tyre, but you also need to check them for cuts in the sidewalls of your tyre.  This too compromises the integrity of your tyre which could lead to a blow out at high speed.  A good friend of mine from Essex recently had a blowout.  She’s okay, but it could have been far worse.  You can get tyres today in Essex from Point S site.  Good tyres go a long way and you can increase the lifespan of tyres by taking proper care of them.

Tyre Sizing

It’s also really important to ensure you can the correct size tyres fitted to your vehicle.  Incorrect tyres can result in loss of handling and in some cases incorrect speedo reading.  Having mismatched tyres will eventually damage your vehicles wheel bearings and may even destroy the clutch.


Please do remember to check your tyres before every long journey.  Keep yourselves safe on the road.

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