What Homeowners Must Know Before Installing a Swimming Pool

What Homeowners Must Know Before Installing a Swimming Pool

Having some fun activities to do around the house makes it easier for families to spend time together. A swimming pool lets them get out in hot weather and cool off while enjoying the outdoors.

No matter what type of pool you decide to invest in, you’ll need to ensure you do everything right. Here’s what homeowners must know before installing a swimming pool.

Zoning Laws

The first thing homeowners must consider when installing a swimming pool is their local zoning laws. Zoning laws often restrict the types of structures that people can build on their property and where they can work. They regulate the size, shape, and scale of projects to ensure communities stay orderly while developing.

State zoning laws usually regulate swimming pools. They may require homeowners to apply for structural zoning and drainage permits. Noncompliance with local regulations can result in fines, fees, and forced removal of the structure.


Another thing homeowners must know before installing a swimming pool is the type of surfacing they want to use for the deck. Both above-ground and below-ground swimming pools can have decks of wood, stone, or other materials around them.

For permanent installations, homeowners often opt to use concrete. Learning what type of concrete is best around your pool will allow you to get the shape and size exactly how you want it, resulting in a decorative finish that adds a touch of class.


No matter how you decide to surface your swimming pool, you’ll eventually need to do maintenance to keep it clean and functioning. Filling the water, treating it, and removing debris will all take additional time and effort that you should set aside at least once a week to keep your pool in good condition.

For best results, you should ensure the walls are algae free and the filter is clean. You can hire a professional cleaning service if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Of course, how often you clean will largely depend on how much you use the pool and the weather conditions it sees.

Invest in Something Everyone Will Enjoy

Most everyone loves to swim, so it’s nice to have a pool nearby you can use anytime you want.

There are quite a few things homeowners must know before installing a swimming pool. However, by focusing on zoning laws, surfacing, and maintenance, you can ensure you’ve covered all the basics.

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