Dreaming Of A Green Christmas

I recently read that the cost of Christmas for the average household is a whopping £753 per family.  It’s so much.  The amount of waste of festive consumption produces horrifies me.  I’d like to have a far more green Christmas this year and I think we’re making progress towards achieving it.

Christmas shopping


Doing It Differently

We’re doing Christmas differently this year.  There will far fewer presents than before.  The abundance of plastic gifts that don’t last much past Christmas are gone.  We’re buying far fewer presents and carefully selecting for presents that the recipient will really enjoy and appreciate.

As we have a large family, we have to be tactical about how we shop.  Planning is really important.  I make lists.  I have a little book that my mum makes for me each year and in it, I name every person I need to buy a gift for.


Is A Bargain Really A Bargain?

A low-cost chain store has recently opened in my little local town.  I went in there for the first time last week.  The sheer range of plastic products on offer that are mass produced without any thought for longevity astounded me.  In previous years, I’d be guilty of stocking up on crappy plastic toys as stocking fillers to bulk out the amount of present my children had.  In those days.  The days when I had no idea of the true cost to the planet.  So, is it really such a bargain when these products come at such a high cost to our World?


Christmas ethical gift giving

Making Changes

I explained to my children back in October than we’re doing Christmas differently this year.  They joined us on the journey of Plastic Free July.  They’re watched the documentaries and understand why we prefer to shop in a slightly more ethical manner.  As I’ve said before, we’re really not perfect, but we are a lot better than we were this time two years ago.

English money coins


Gifts that we’re giving this year include days out from Customer Service Guru. An experience can last a lifetime and is one of my favourite things to give.  Things that are good quality or that can be recycled when you’ve finished with them.  For example, we’ve bought my dad a galvanised steel watering can from Amazon.  If you shop around, there are some genuinely good deals to be had on quality, long lasting products, particularly online.  There’s that expression, buy cheap, buy twice.  So true.

I often place offers on my Facebook page so do go and like my page there.

  We’re giving some of our friends and family homemade sausages from our organic and home-reared pigs.  I’ve been whittling spoons like there’s no tomorrow to give as gifts.  We’re baking cookies for our neighbours rather than writing cards.


homemade shortbread biscuits


Is there anything you’re doing to save money or be more environmentally conscious this Christmas?  I’d love to hear about it.  Thanks for reading.


Lu Lovely


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  1. Like you, we have cut right back on both our spending at Christmas and how much plastic we buy. I suppose it is easier in a way with older children who are now very eco-aware but equally children are never too young to be made aware of eco issues … and if you do not go totally overboard when they are little they will hopefully not always expect so much.

  2. says: Debbie

    Hi Lu, the amount of waste that is produced for a few moments of joy at Christmas is shocking. I live on a Greek island where Christmas isn’t rammed down our throats with ‘must have’ buys that are everything but. I try my best to be as green as possible most of the time and that applies to Christmas too. Big companies should do their bit by reducing the amount and type of packaging they use on their products.

    Wishing you a very green Christmas!


  3. says: Rachel

    Oh, I love the idea of baking cookies for your neighbours instead of writing Christmas cards 🙂 We’ve also cut out cheap, plastic toys….I had the same experience as you when checking out these cheap bargain stores. It makes my heart sink to know it will all soon end up in landfill….nice article 🙂

  4. says: Eva Katona

    I love your idea of green Christmas! I am trying my best – like limiting the number of presents: one present for everyone. No more. The children already have way too much toys anyway.

  5. Yikes. Isn’t it bad how much we do actually spend without thinking? I’ve definitely gone for more ‘useful’ presents this year. I saw someone say they were doing a ‘something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read’ for their gifting – so just 4 presents per person/child. I like that idea!

  6. says: Tanita

    What lovely ideas to have a greener Christmas. It also shocks me how much some can spend. For us Christmas is more about the family time and the good food. We like to buy for the children but this year we have tried to just do Secret Santa between the adults which works out a lot better. Somhoepfully that goes well xxx

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