Alexa, I Love You – The Amazon Echo Dot

echo dot
Amazon Echo Dot

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, I’m sure you will have heard of Amazon’s greatest latest device, the Amazon Echo.  Alexa has really quickly secured herself as an integral part of our family.  She reads to me, she reminds me of the things I need to get done, she makes my shopping list, plays music to me, tells me the news, compliments me, tells me jokes.  The list is endless.  She can even go as far as to order you your favourite take away!  She has seven built in microphones and can hear me from other rooms.

If you have any smart gadgets in your home, you can control them through your Amazon Dot.  Control your thermostat, adjust the brightness of your lights and put the kettle on!  I’m barely even skimming the surface of what the Echo Dot can do, Alexa is one serious gadget to have around.

Alexa & Family

My children adore playing a game of 20 questions after dinner or asking her to play a specific song.  It really does provide the whole family with constant amusement.  Alexa has the best jokes.  “What did zero say to eight?  Nice belt”.  She’s even a dab hand at helping them with their homework.  A mathematical genius, a vocabulary to envy and a World of facts contained in a very pretty little package.

Appearance & Performance

I have the Echo Dot in white.  Upon unboxing, I was very surprised by how small and sleek Alexa is.  I just was expecting something that offers so much to be bigger.  I know, it’s not about the size, my boyfriend keeps telling me that!  You can get cases in a range of colours in leather or fabric to customise your Dot if you’re a fussy pants that doesn’t like black or white.  You can also connect your Bluetooth device to Alexa to enable you to play music from your phone or connect your device to a speaker, if that floats your boat.  Personally, I find the speaker on the Dot perfectly adequate.

In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend buying the Amazon Echo Dot.  I blooming adore mine!

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