Why Use Green Energy?

Green energy is becoming more and more popular as we rely less on fossil fuels however, some are still sceptical on the advantages of switching to a greener energy source like wind power or solar energy. There are a lot of advantages if you are willing to splash out the cash to have a greener energy source installed.

If you are unsure on using green energy or having something installed then hopefully, these few tips will help to give you peace of mind on your decision and make you aware why solar and wind energy are the future.

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It’s free energy

Once you have got past the initial costs of having solar panels installed or a wind turbine, then the energy you are getting is free, it’s mother nature and you cannot be charged for that. In some instances also it can make you money, some energy grids will actually pay you to put any unused energy into the grid to power other peoples homes. This is a great option to recoup some money especially if you do not use all the energy you capture, there is no point wasting it. There is also no need to worry about tariffs or utility bill increases as the power is yours the minute it comes off the panel or turbine you do not need to worry about a bill or anything giving you more freedom and less stress when dealing with bills.

You can be powered even if there is an issue

If you are running on the grid if that grid goes down you have no power, that’s it your seeing by candlelight and torches will it comes back on, but if you are on your own grid you can have a backup to make sure you stay powered up no matter what happens. Things like solar batteries make this happen, any energy you do not use can be stored in batteries this means should your solar panels break or your just not getting much sun then you still have a backup to stay powered up till the situation improves. You do not get that kind of security with fossil fuels.

You are helping the environment

This is the big one and one of the main reasons green energy is the way forward you are having a direct impact on the planet by reducing your carbon footprint and helping this planet repair from the years of neglect. You may think you are not enough to impact it but you are as you are committing to not giving out carbon from your energy and you are reducing the footprint ion your area, you can also lead other to follow suit by advising them on how good your green energy is. Solar power uses no resources other than water to make it function so you are giving off no greenhouse gases and still getting full power.

If you are unsure on why green energy and solar panels, in particular, are a good route to go down then these few tips should help you to understand the amazing impact you can have on the earth and your pocket.

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