Jersey City, NJ: Mental Trauma and Psychotherapy Counselling

Mental Trauma and Psychotherapy Counselling

Something as significant as therapy is not taken lightly when it comes to counselling individuals who suffer from trauma. This is a wide topic and there can be many reasons for this, and many times individuals who try to take care of it themselves often end up getting worse because they suppress their emotions and keep them bottled up, soon to emerge at the worse circumstances.

This is why there are mental health professionals like Psychoanalysts or Psychologists and Psychotherapists that can help people when suffering from mental trauma and offer them solutions. The difference between all of them can be significant however the main similarity is they all work in ways to help the mind and emotions.

But when you have never been to one, how do you know what to expect? This article will dive deep into this topic to help you with the important information.

Treatments That Can Help

Everyone responds to trauma differently which is why there are different forms of treatment offered to individuals to help them out. The one chosen for you will depend on an initial consultation by a professional to determine the symptoms of and diagnosis for, the overall incident. It is essential to keep an open mind about this when seeking help.

Some of the different treatments offered include:

Talking Therapies

Crisis Services


Arts and Creative Therapies

We look at these indepth below.

Talking Therapies

Designed to give you the option and space to explore traumatic and difficult feelings and experiences with a trained professional or therapist. These seek to find solutions to deeper underlying issues stemming from childhood or current situations.

Psychotherapy Counseling is one of the forms of speaking therapy and when you seek this type of help, it can take many sessions to get things right and put you back on track. Depending on your situation the professional may decide to put you through body-therapy sessions, Trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy, Schema Therapy, Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT), and other types of instruments of speaking therapies.


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Arts and Creative Therapies

Activities based on forms of art such as drama, music, art, are all also part of the trauma counselling that some specialized experts offer patients. These have been proven to work for specific types of personalities, issues, mental blockages, and no prior knowledge of these activities is needed as they will teach you everything or send you to someone who can.

The bias based on this therapy is non-judgmental. In other words, the therapists will not judge you in any way and will help you towards making sense of things, and to understand yourself better.


This can prescribe only by a trained and certified professional and no one else. Some people find it easier to go onto medication for the first half of the therapy until such a time as they are comfortable trying something else. Depending on the extent of trauma or specific mental health symptoms, the medication is prescribed.

Some practices choose to do everything else before they take this option. Finding good supportive trauma counselling therapies is fundamental to a healthy mind and state of wellbeing.

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Crisis Services

Specifically created for those who are suffering from a mental crisis like a breakdown or any severe mental issue and need immediate help. These services are usually similar to hospital emergency rooms, where they are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Your local support services should be able to help with details about this and crisis teams are often also available for people looking for help and they can meet you at your home, where it is more comfortable and familiar to you. Lastly, crisis houses offer these services as well and offer short-term support in a residential setting rather than at a hospital.


How to Gain Access to These Options

Accessing these services, for example,, which offers the right to refuse any medication given to the patients is easier said than done. Sometimes there are other more effective routes to take. There are a few ways you can get to know about the one that can help you and some suggestions include, asking your GP (general practitioner) or doctor for recommendations, asking the local clinic for therapist’s names, or a directory you can access.

You can also check online for local trauma services that can help you, as they would usually keep useful contacts of different types of therapists in the local area. There are also private therapists that you can look for if you feel more comfortable taking that approach.

Besides the above suggestions, you can check for practices that take self-referrals at their talking therapy places. This is when you refer yourself as opposed to your GP doing it for you.

Most traumatic events come out of the blue and most people think they can handle them by themselves, however, it is always recommended to seek help when you have had a dramatic incident happen to you or a loved on whether you feel like you need it or not.

Most often patients have repercussions of incidents much later in life, and this affects common areas such as their relationship with people, their understanding of others and situations and hinders proper cognitive abilities as well. A healthy mind should be a priority for everyone, and if that means seeking external help, then so be it. You can see more from my mental health section here.

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