3 Nasty Surprises That Winter Throws At You

3 Nasty Surprises That Winter Throws At You

During the winter you will know that you can’t live a normal life in your home anymore. It’s cold, windy, wet and it can make the standard materials of your home suffer. It’s quite common for rubber welcome mats to snap during winter, as they stiffen up and when you step on them, they can crack. Your cement slabs on your driveway might also crack under the pressure when you park your car on the driveway. The windows might become a little noisy as more draughts begin to appear. Everywhere you look, there is the cause of concern as winter throws so many surprises up at you. But here is how you can cope.

icicles and snow

Falling gutters

You may know that during autumn, you are given advice from friends and family, to clean your gutters. The fall leaves are so beautiful and we’d like to leave them on the floor if we can, just because of the aesthetic appeal. However, when the leaves get trapped in the gutter, it can cause a blockage. If you don’t see the blockage until later on, it can be too late as the winter rains can cause them to overflow. When this occurs on a freezing night, the entire gutter can freeze up along with the water inside it. It’s not uncommon for gutters to buckle underneath the weight of the ice. So please, clean your gutters now, or just be more aware of them when you have had freezing temperatures. 

Cracking foundations

Foundations are just as prone to crack, as your concrete driveway. Do you know why? Because they are made of the same thing! So we highly recommend that you be vigilant of any cracks that might be forming along the side of your home. Usually, you can spot them but sometimes, they are internal cracks. This is how you can spot an internal crack.

  • If there is a crack not quite at the bottom but just above it in the wall. This is a clear sign that the foundation has cracked slightly inward and has traveled up on the inside of your home, not outside! 
  • If you can feel the floor inside your home is slightly hollow or unstable, this is another sign of a cracked foundation that is also shifting its mass.

Sudden flooding

Not many homeowners actually know or care about flooding. It’s quite the rare event for most of us but during winter, we are always caught off guard by it. The reason for this is, we get carried away by the snow. We love to play around in it and have fun. But, when that snow melts, along with a sudden pouring of rain, it causes flash floods. Professional Water Damage Restoration warns of the signs to look out for as well as provides preventative measures such as sandbags, guttering protection and much more.

Winter is full of good surprises but also, some bad ones. These are not major issues if you can prepare for them and avoid costly repairs. Get to work if you have not already!

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