5 Ways to Use Renewable Energy at Home

5 Ways to Use Renewable Energy at Home

Making the switch to renewable energy at home is a no-brainer. You’ll not only be doing your bit for the environment, but you may also receive a tax credit from the government. This is not the only way renewal energies can save you money, you’ll also use less energy, and your gas and electricity bills will be significantly lower. Many people doubt it’s actually possible to power their homes using renewable energies, but nowadays this really isn’t the case. Here are five ways to use renewable energy at home.

solar panels on a roof

Solar panels

Solar panels are probably one of the most accessible ways to go green at home. After all, almost everyone can rely on sunlight. Advances in technology mean it’s now easier to store surplus energy from the sun, so you can use it at any time of day to power your appliances. It’s the best way to reduce your use of electricity. Solar power can also be used to heat water. Get a ready-made system or design your own. You can use it alongside your existing water heater. 

Renewable back-up supply

You can also back up your existing systems with renewable energy sources. You can choose an energy provider that offers electricity backed up by wind, solar, and biomass. Hire renewable energy services to help install these for you, and you’ll greatly reduce the environmental impact the use of electricity has overall.

Biomass heating and cooling

There have been many advances in biomass heating and cooling technologies. Biomass refers to organic material such as wood, construction, and agricultural residues that can be burned to produce energy. Biomass can be used to generate electricity for thermal energy applications. It can also be turned into liquid fuel to power vehicles.

Ground-source heat pumps

Also known as geothermal heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps obtain heat energy from the ground. They are installed underground so you could essentially bury them in your yard and use them for energy all year round. A mixture of water and antifreeze circulates inside the pump which absorbs heat from the ground which is then passed through a heat exchanger. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t. Once they’re installed you can use them to power your radiators and heat your entire home. 

Air-source heat pumps

On the other hand, air-source heat pumps use the heat from the outside air. The energy it absorbs can be used for heating and hot water. Air-source pumps can also be used as part of an effective cooling system. The devices are quick and easy to install and silent when operating. They’ll save you considerably on your gas bill and you can use them throughout the year without a problem. They work in all seasons and provide heating and cooling where necessary.

These are just a few types of renewable energies you can use at home. If you’re thinking of going green, why wait to start saving on your bills? Get in touch with a renewable energies provider and find out more today.

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