The LoveLula Beauty Box – November 2021


I think the LoveLula Beauty Subscription box is the best value green beauty box out there.  The prices start at £12.71 per box and you get so much in the box for your money.  This month’s box is worth £55!  Let me show you what’s inside the LoveLula Beauty Box – November 2021.


Organic Works Cleansing Face Wash

Organic Works Cleansing Face Wash review

This comes in a plastic bottle with a pump-action top.  I like a pump-action top because it allows me to dispense the right amount.

Cleanses away impurities and daily grime with essential oils and plant extracts, restoring skin’s natural balance with rose geranium flower oil & aloe vera.

I swear by their lavender shower gel so it’s been lovely trying something else from their range.  You can see this item here.


D’Alchemy Intense Skin Repair Oil

D'Alchemy Intense Skin Repair Oil review

I love this brand.  I feel like their products are really luxurious.  This Skin Repair Oil comes in a dark glass bottle with a dropper and is packed with beautiful nourishing ingredients.  A spectacular oil based on precious pure oil rose oil.  It smells as it sounds, just gorgeous!


Madara Exfoliating Scrub Oil to Milk

Madara Exfoliating Scrub Oil to Milk review

I’ve used this Madara Exfoliating Scrub Oil to Milk before and it’s so lovely.  It is one I’d buy again.  It provides the perfect amount of scrubbiness and turns into milk when you wash it off.  It’s really gentle on the skin and doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.  You can see this product here.


Soul Tree Lipstick – Wild Honey 811

Soul Tree Lipstick - Wild Honey 811 review

Another brand that I really like!  This lipstick isn’t a colour that I’d ordinarily choose but I do really love it.  This lipstick feels really nourishing on the lips and stays put for hours.  The Ayurvedic formulation has natural pigments along with the goodness of Organic Ghee and almond oil.  A great product that you can see here.


Ayumi Turmeric Bodycare

Ayumi bodycare review

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know we’re big fans of Ayumi.  My family use their Sandalwood body wash on the daily because it smells so good.  I’ve tried the Tumeric body wash before and it doesn’t smell like Tumeric, it smells beautiful and almost citrussy.  I’m looking forward to trying these products.  You can shop the Ayumi range here.


Thanks for reading my LoveLula Beauty Box – November 2021 review.  You can read about last month’s box here.

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