8 Ways To Enrich Your Child’s Early Years

8 Ways To Enrich Your Child's Early Years

When you become a parent, your life changes and becomes more about your children than it does for you. You want to do all that you can to be an excellent parent and excellence means different things to different people. It’s never too soon to think about ways to enrich your child’s early years.

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You want beautiful daycare and beautiful childcare and gorgeous preschool options for your child, but there is so much that you can do at home, too, to enrich your child’s early years. Below, we’ve got eight suggestions to make sure that you are doing all that you can to offer enrichment and education to your children.

  1. Singing. You can really help the speech of your little ones to develop when you sing to them. Nursery rhymes are repetitive and will energize your child’s brain. It’ll promote deep breathing and help children to understand transitions from one activity to another. It can even help to boost your children and their ability to comprehend things that you ask of them.
  2. Feeling safe. Make sure that you are surrounding your children with as much emotional safety as possible. This means choosing a childcare environment of trust and making sure that the environment that they are in makes them feel cared for and nurtured. Their emotional safety is going to help them to feel secure in themselves as they grow.
  3. Use calming strategies. A big part of the early years is in brain development and you want to make sure that every new experience for your child feels safe and calm. That means you need to be calm and react to their reactions in a calm and gentle manner. Keep things simple, with lots of repetition and reassurance to ensure that they are understanding what you are expecting of them.
  4. Use simple words. Children will always benefit from guidance but if you overcomplicate things, it’s going to be a problem. Instead, cut down on your language and be direct and simple in your requests and conversations. For early learners, less is always more. 
  5. Give them enough time, but not too much. Children have a short attention span and you need to think about trying to hold their attention – they can’t hold it for long! Once they exhaust their attention span, that’s where they lose interest!
  6. Remember to reflect. While you’re focusing on what your children are learning, make sure that you are reflecting on it. The brain always needs time to process new things, and letting a child reflect is important for their learning in their early years.
  7. Laugh together. If you want to help to reduce the stress for your children, make sure that you laugh together. Read funny books, play funny puppet shoes and help them to produce endorphins!
  8. Use their senses. Through colour, touch and taste as well as smell and music, you can enrich their early years with their senses! You can use new foods, new colours, new songs and even aromas to help them to figure out the world around them. It’s a nice way to help them learn!
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